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04-26-2023 09:58 AM
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Hello everyone!

On February 23, 2023, we released ArcGIS Pro 3.1. As we do with every release of ArcGIS Pro, we worked to incorporate your ideas into the product, based on your feedback though ArcGIS Ideas and the kudos given to these ideas. This is my first release taking over Ideas wrap-up from Kory, so thank you for your patience as I created this!

ArcGIS Pro 3.1 includes more than 60 ideas submitted through ArcGIS Ideas. Take a look at the video to see quick demos of your ideas in action. Not all implemented ideas were included in the video, but those that are list the bookmarked time below, so you can hop right to the demo you're most interested in seeing. You can also view these bookmarks in the video directly; just click the burger menu in the top left corner of the video to expose all bookmarks. You can also search for ideas of interest right here as well!

Without further ado, here are your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.1!


Most Requested

Ability to edit standalone tables in ArcMap just as easily as feature classes (9:27)

Add a "Change Layout" Button for ArcGIS Pro (9:11)

Control ArcGIS Pro Named User License Expiration Message from ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Pro Scale-Based Labeling Like Scale-Based Symbology (9:01)



ArcGIS Pro Keybind (Accelerator) Customization (4:49

Implement right-click menu single-key accelerators in ArcGIS Pro  (5:00

Moving multiple tabs (5:11

Enable setting location of temporary directory in Pro, like ARCTMPDIR in ArcMap 


Analysis and Geoprocessing

Improvement polygon volume (0:21

Removing map from ArcGIS Pro project using ArcPy (8:49

Create a new map in ArcGIS Pro with arcpy (8:52

Arcpy Access to Map Series Export Progress (8:41

Expose the isReadOnly property on an aprx object in (8:35

Return Object for importDocument () 

Improve "Copy Python command" by including parameter names (3:19

Add support for accessing geoprocessing history items programmatically using the ArcGIS Pro SDK 

Creating chainage points with distance from start point included (3:39

Attribute Table Columns Order vs Geoprocessing Alphabetic Order (3:47)

Add ability to Export to KML to 'Export to KML' tool (4:00

Make the Calculate Field GUI bigger (longer) by default. (4:29

Graphics-Polygon to clip Raster (8:21

Enhance isolated conda installation to support conda init 

Remove arcgis as a dependency from arcpy


Data Management 

Ask to save changes when closing Fields, Domains views (0:43

Compare Replica Schema Geoprocessing Tool In ArcGIS Pro (1:01

Delete multiple domains instead of one at time (1:12

Set Domains in Create Feature Class (1:20

Filter Catalog EGDB FCs by owner (1:27

Keyboard Navigation of Catalog; Type to Select Item (1:35

Add my computer to catalog view and favorites back to add data to map (1:47

Add Data - favorites (1:55

Thumbnails in ArcGIS Pro Recent Projects (2:08

Mobile Geodatabase as Default (2:17

Add Backstage Resources Button and Page (2:46

Explore Tool as Default in Pro Parcel Fabric (2:55

Allow Duplication Repeat of Parcels (8:13

"Set Historic" tool should work on selected points 

Preview Assigned ID before Sharing As Web Layer (3:04


Mapping and Visualization 

Add Pie Charts to ArcGIS Pro Tabular Charts (0:31

Use Arcade in Chart Variables (0:38

Double click layer class in TOC to open Labeling Properties pane (3:11

Choose level of transparency / raster merge on export (5:20

Horizontal legend for raster files (5:31

Add back into ArcGIS Pro the ability to have nested display of graduated symbols in the legend (5:42

Having built-in polygon outline styles in ArcGIS Pro (5:54

Sort feature drawing order by date or other field (6:19

WMTS Time Dimension Support in Pro (6:40

Make the automatic applying of datum transformations a setting which can be optionally turned off. (6:50

Symbology Quantities to show count (7:01

Table of contents : make cursor visible even if text is longer than pannel's width (7:11

Pie Charts as Symbology - size defined by expression 

Alt+Click to 'make this the only selectable layer' - fully implement 

Make Layer from Selected features using Subtype Layers

Visible path for open tables (7:23

Enhanced Magnifier window for ArcGIS Pro (7:32

Maintain angle of polygon fill when data fram is rotated (7:59

Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro better for you and your work! A special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release: 

@StephanieGoudeseune @GraemeBrowning @RonnieRichards @RossVolkwein1 @JustinReynolds @BrettFrahm @SimonKettle @wayfaringrob @AdamDorn @AndriusKucas @NathanHeickLACSD @Bud @NickNuebel @MarkVolz @LynnMoe @JFBellemare @feralcatcolonist @DavidHowes @KarinPierce @LongDinh @mpboyle @PeterKnoop @MikeDavlantes @JordanFuhrmann @MiguelMartinezYordan @DWR_BuckEhler @Marie_Ducharme @PeteJordan @TS4 @Suleyman-Arslan @MatAzzopardi @JoeFlannery @FranzLeonardo @DeniseKelsey @GergelySzalay2 @Srinivasa_RaoJalaparti @NicolasReinhard @WilliamGillman @JakeKrall @GregoireS @IlkaIllers1 @RavitejaViswanadha_CyientInc @AndyAston @AndrewRudin @MichaelSnook @jcarlson @WinnieLau @Luke_Pinner @DanPatterson 

We welcome the community's continued participation in helping us define ArcGIS Pro’s development priorities for the future!  Search, Participate, and Create in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.

To learn more about what’s new in ArcGIS Pro 3.1, head on over to the What’s new… help topic.

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