Maintain angle of polygon fill when data fram is rotated

03-20-2013 02:09 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to maintain the rotation angle of a polygon fill when the data frame is rotated. This would be helpfull when using data driven pages when the rotation of the data frame changes. So for instace I have a polygon fill with 45 degree angles I want this to be maintained at 45 degrees when the frame is rotated.
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I agree, and have other suggestions for maintaining angles that aren't associated with the data frame. For example, I have hwy symbols that all must be rotated to 'counter' the rotation of the data frame. If I were to change the data frame rotation, I have to then change all the angles of the point symbols to adjust.

Perhaps there is a check box that would allow one to set rotation based on true bearing (as is done now), or to set rotation (of points, or polygon fill angle, etc.) to the bearing of the map page i.e. the top of the page is always 0 degrees regardless of data frame rotation.

Good ideas thanks!