Fix Hatching Labels within a Rotated Data Frame

11-10-2011 01:38 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Please fix the hatching labels of a LInear Referenced feature within a Rotated Data Frame. The labeling engine labels the hatching perfectly when the Data Frame is set at 0 but at any other random angle the labels don't change rotation. This has always been an issue and never seems to be addressed or fixed.
There is a work around for this; set the angle of your labels to the negativ of your data frame angle.
Ex if your data frame is rotated 18 degrees, then set the angle for your hatch labels to -18.
@christkl ...unless you create legend.
@christkl ...unless you use Data Driven Pages and have different rotation for each page. This is often the case e.g. for seismic profile maps created with DDP.
This idea is being worked on for the next major release of ArcGIS. The way symbology is being displayed is going to be completely overhauled.
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Pug Idea List 2014:  David Watkins, ESRI Lead
Planned for a future release of ArcGIS Pro