Layout Table Frame Heading Removal

12-30-2021 09:30 AM
Status: Open
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Please add the option to turn off the heading in an inserted table frame in the layout. This is helpful when someone is using a table to create information in a surround, but do not necessarily need the heading to show.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: Open

Ran into this issue when adding columns that list the building # and name from an Excel file. The column headers are not needed as it's self-evident that the first column is the map pin # and the next column is the building name. 

There are alternatives to achieving a similar look: 1) copy/pasting the excel into the layout as a picture element; 2) using one of the text types (but this takes some work and isn't semi-dynamic like reading from an Excel file); or 3) ignore column headers in Excel, and then change the Heading background to the color of your choice (Table Frame > Display > Heading > background), and change the heading text appearance font style to Regular to match the fields text style.

@AubriKinghorn It would be helpful to have an override setting to turn off the display of the header while still showing the desired fields.


@AubriKinghorn any news on this idea? This would be hugely helpful. The length of the heading fields sometimes create ridiculously wide columns. For example, if you use a feature service that you can't edit fieldnames, the name might have a long name, but the data you need to display is 2 characters, and you are left with all this wasted space. Thanks.