Layout Table Frame Heading Removal

12-30-2021 09:30 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Please add the option to turn off the heading in an inserted table frame in the layout. This is helpful when someone is using a table to create information in a surround, but do not necessarily need the heading to show.

Status changed to: Open

Ran into this issue when adding columns that list the building # and name from an Excel file. The column headers are not needed as it's self-evident that the first column is the map pin # and the next column is the building name. 

There are alternatives to achieving a similar look: 1) copy/pasting the excel into the layout as a picture element; 2) using one of the text types (but this takes some work and isn't semi-dynamic like reading from an Excel file); or 3) ignore column headers in Excel, and then change the Heading background to the color of your choice (Table Frame > Display > Heading > background), and change the heading text appearance font style to Regular to match the fields text style.

@AubriKinghorn It would be helpful to have an override setting to turn off the display of the header while still showing the desired fields.


@AubriKinghorn any news on this idea? This would be hugely helpful. The length of the heading fields sometimes create ridiculously wide columns. For example, if you use a feature service that you can't edit fieldnames, the name might have a long name, but the data you need to display is 2 characters, and you are left with all this wasted space. Thanks.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

some answer about it from esri??


I would also like this function.


Please add an option that allows you to specify headers when importing XY data into Pro. QGIS has this option. Absolutely no reason why Pro shouldn't have it. 


plus one for this. for creating campus directory layouts like this

would benefit from hiding the headers. 


@rgeorge9935 can you enter your comment as a new idea? It's a little different because it deals with importing data and I don't want it to get lost amongst the comments. 


Please consider this option.