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06-23-2022 05:58 AM
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It’s been a while since I posted the ideas that were included with the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.9 last November. In fact, it’s been 32 weeks. Or 224 days. Or 5,376 hours… but who’s counting? Maybe its just me, but I really like release time because it is when I get to share the work that the ArcGIS Pro team has done, continually making improvements to help you do your work… better!

ArcGIS Pro 3.0 is a major release so there are some additional considerations to make before deciding to upgrade. Make sure you check out Get Ready for ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and the documentation referenced in that blog so that you are informed and can make the right decision about the best time to upgrade.

ArcGIS Pro 3.0 includes more than 50 ideas submitted through ArcGIS Ideas. Check out quick demos in the video. Not all ideas are included in the video; those that are list the bookmarked time so that you can jump directly to it. Enjoy!


Most Requested

Spatial join without creating a new feature class (8:26)

Add Change Domain Owner Tool (8:15)

Allow users to rename their SQL Server geodatabase (8:06)



Automatically Clear Display Cache on Closing Project (7:27)

Tab Highlight (1:18)


Analysis & Geoprocessing

Option to keep the field name alias when exporting (2:40)

Allow Fields to be Reordered when Exporting a Layer (2:47)

update cloned python environment(s) while updating arcgis pro (7:16)

Keep Previous Select by Attributes in Geoprocessing Window (7:00)

Geoprocessing Tools - note selected features (3:09)

ArcGIS Pro 2.6: A geoprocessing tool to concatenate values of a table (6:04)

Consistency in Output Field and Location (2:30)

Blank Grid/Raster inside Exclusive Polygons (5:50)

Remove all joins programatically

Update COGO with Python in Pro (4:51)

Field Mapping: Add new output field more easily in GP tools (3:46)

Enable metadata support for the new atbx toolbox file format (3:29)

Support Python toolbox as the project standard toolbox (1:41)

Update Python Version

Rename tool option to rename Alias

Add Fields (multiple) could import from existing table or feature class template (0:44)

Add a list of appended features when using Append Parcels (0:57)

Enable use of selection on a mask layer for an environment setting


Data Management

Add Map or Layout to a report (7:55)

Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog pane/view to cut/copy/paste whole folders (5:42)

Pause Auto-Commit During Traverse in Pro (6:37)

ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane - Drag and Drop Files Between Folders (5:32)

ArcGIS Pro - Editing Date Attribute

Turn on Branch Versioning by default when Staging a Utility Network (3:38)

Add missing web layer editing settings to dialogue when sharing/overwriting web layer from ArcGIS Pr... (3:57)

Pro – bring back “Output Location” that shows ALL existing files (2:22)

Table field selection (2:16)

Show Server Connection Properties in Favorites (1:23)

Mobile Geodatabase as Default (1:30)

Allow Resizing of “Points to merge” list in Merge Parcel Points (1:51)

Converter of .rbj file (DataReviewer Batch Job) into Attributes Rules in a geodatabase

ArcGIS Pro - Update a webScene (1:05)

Set defaults in ‘move to’ tool

Add zoom to select to the selection group in Edit tab (0:30)

Merge Parcel Points Should Filter Selection

Warn user if currently selected record does not match the parcels being edited to avoid bad record a... (0:35)


Mapping & Visualization

Colorblind mode in ArcGIS for cartographic design (7:38)

ArcGIS Pro : Apply Color scheme on selected symbols (7:08)

For ArcGIS Pro Raster Symbology enable “lock” statistics from custom view extent to apply for the wh... (6:27)

Changing coordinates order (6:15)

ArcGIS Pro: Arcpy View Layout (make viewable) (5:24)

Saving active view into ArcGIS Pro project using ArcPy (5:12)

Allow Layout Import Gallery path to be set during multi-user installation/upgrades (5:00)

Streamline Georeferencing Tools (4:19)

Clear selected features after definition query (4:37)

-all other values- Label should disappear in legend when not in scale range (1:57)

Fully implement shift-clicking in symbology to select multiple symbol classes (2:05)

Change the Default COGO Line Label Expressions

Animation export of 3d-Scenes: Aliasing

Data source details stay showing in Layer Properties window when changing the data source (0:50)


Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro even better for you.  A special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release:

SamanthaGoodchild-Brown, DuncanHornby, PascalVezina, MichaelSnook, TimMinter, MicheleHosking1, anna_garrett, JawadhHabeeb, wheelerp, BrennaLHughes, ChristophKoschmieder, EllenD, DirkSilbermann, jcarlson, SandyWatford, rburke-bsrc, JakeKrall, RémiBRAUN, PRuss, JenniferBorlick, DeborahVeen, JohnDye, RobertKlein3, Kenny_Ratliff, AdrienHafner, AaronKoelker, MarkMurphy1, KadeSmith, ThomasTri1, andrewdc_tt, TimothyBarnes, GraemeBrowning, AndrewStickney1, TobiasTkaczick, RichPriem, JamalNUMAN, JanPetr, PatrickSeastar, Geographic_Mythos, PeteJordan, JérémiePedoia, Martin_Döllerer, MelissaDenney, LindaSibert, ChrisFox, feralcatcolonist

We welcome the community's continued participation in helping us define ArcGIS Pro’s development priorities for the future!  Search, Participate, and Create in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.

To learn more about what’s new in ArcGIS Pro 3.0, head on over to the What’s new… help topic.

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