ArcGIS Pro : Apply Color scheme on selected symbols

11-03-2019 04:32 PM
Status: Open
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Please, implement the ability to apply a color scheme on selected symbols in ArcGIS Pro as it is possible in ArcMap. This capability is realy time saving in number of cases.

In ArcGIS Pro, the selection is not supported when applying a color scheme, it goes for all symbols.

Thank you.


A great idea! I use this technique in ArcMap all the time so would be very useful in ArcPro.

You can apply colors to selected features in Arc Pro.  Just highlight the features you want and then right-click to pick the color.  What is missing though is the ability to change the line styles by selecting specific ones.  That is something that I have yet to figure out how to do in Pro besides creating a style for each one...

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Hi Pete,

Sure you can do that, but you cannot apply a color scheme, from red to blue for example.

Thank you for you message.

Yeah you're right, that too needs to be added as a functionality.  I was thinking there was a button in that right-click menu that allowed that, but yeah you're correct there isn't...