Keep Previous Select by Attributes in Geoprocessing Window

11-05-2019 06:52 AM
Status: Implemented
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  It ArcMap, when you did a Select by Attributes, it would always keep that last query you used so that you could always go back and reuse or modify it.  Arc Pro I noticed as soon as you close the Geoprocessing pane, it deletes any query you had just run.

  Maybe even have a toggle to turn on save current query in history or something temporarily until you exit Pro.  I know you can "Save" the query, but this is more a temporary thing in your current project rather than having to actually have a temporary query on the hard drive that you might only need to use a couple of times, but need the space on the monitor for the map and not have the Geoprocessing pane take up too much room...


This would be great.  I often don't need to save my queries, or I need to make small adjustments before they are ready to be saved.


In ArcMap when you closed the "Select by Attributes" wizard it would retain the query for the next time you opened it back up.  It would be great is that feature was added to ArcGIS Pro.


FYI  You can save and load queries from Select by Attributes in Arctoolbox



@DanW it would still be nice to have it stay if you are working on a long query that you have not refined enough to save out.


@ZandBakhtiari1 I merged your idea with this existing idea.  Please make sure to add your vote to this one by giving it kudos.  Thank you.


When selecting by attribute in the attribute table, ArcMap would keep the query while the table was still open.  ArcGIS Pro removes the query every time I close out of the query window to view the results. 

Please retain the query until closing the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

In my opinion the changes made to the attribute query from Desktop to Pro has become tedious and clunky. There are just way to many buttons to press and results in much more clicking and time. One big improvement that would be very helpful is if the attribute table could retain the last query. Please retain the query until closing the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro. Thank you.


Good day,

When you redo a "Select By Attributes" on a layer, the last criteria entered are gone.  It would be nice to have them back if you do the selection on the same layer again. 



You can find that (and every other GP tool you last ran) in the History pane, but it would be great if there were a drop down menu in the Select By Attributes dialog window that would allow you the option to select and rerun one of the 5 or 10 last Select By Attributes.