Add Map or Layout to a report

03-08-2019 01:41 PM
Status: Implemented
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When creating a report if ArcGIS pro it would be nice to be able to display a map on the report. We wantto be able to creates a report based on a layer in the map with the visible map displayed at the top of the report. 


I agree. For now, I have plans to generate an attachment from a map series. That attachment can then be viewed in the report.


Has any progress been made on this issue? I am interested in adding a view of the map to my reports, if dynamic attachments are supported I am not sure why dynamic map views are not. 


Agree! This functionality is greatly needed


need this

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I would have imagined this would kind of be the point of reporting within a GIS system? I'd like to be able to insert a map frame into the report that could be set to show the location of each report. 

by Anonymous User

I've been playing with a workaround... create a map series & export to PDF (since you can only export images one page at a time - what's with that?), use other tools to convert PDF to appropriate images or whatever I want to embed, then dynamically embed the images in the report by adding the file paths to my feature's attributes. Haven't fully implemented yet, but I think it should work?

Of course, this all sounds like something that could be automated using a software, or something like that? Maybe one that is intended to present spatial data? Maybe I'll get unlazy & try to figure out my own code, but I'm hoping ESRI can beat me to it!

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Our organization would also like this functionality. 


This functioanlity is needed by anybody working with GIS and wants to generate a report.

I'm kinda surprised a map element is not available, that would have been amongst the first things in this report function I would have expected ?



Thank you for the comment @JohnSmaaland2 I took a look and it doesn't appear that you added your kudos to the idea. While comments are important, kudos (the number of votes) that an idea receives is one of the primary pieces of data that we use to determine traction and trends as we monitor idea activity over time.

Please see for a high level overview of how ArcGIS Ideas works, and Frequently Asked Questions about ArcGIS Ideas for more information.

Though on this idea we don't need further votes, because it is already In Product Plan and will be released with ArcGIS Pro 3.0 in June of this year, I wanted to make sure that you were aware of how ArcGIS Ideas works, and the importance of voting on ideas that you would like to see implemented in the software.

Thank you for your participation in the community and for helping us prioritize future development efforts for ArcGIS Pro.