ArcGIS Pro - Editing Date Attribute

07-24-2017 12:12 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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In experimenting with editing attribution, I've come across this hindrance.  ArcMap editing allows me to tab through the fields, upon arriving at a date field, I'm able to hit Enter and populate with today's (current) date and time.  In ArcGIS Pro - not only can I not use the Enter button, but the selection for Today's Date is a "dead link".  In other words, I'm not able to select with the mouse.  This many times requires moving from keyboard entry to mouse and back.

Requesting the Today's Date option be enabled for mouse selection and tab entry with keyboard.



I am testing editing of dates in the Attributes pane and the Feature Template Active Template pane in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.  When tabbing through the Attribute grid, click either the up or down arrow on keyboard to set a date field to the current date and time, and then click Enter key to apply.  

Hopefully this helps.  


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