Colorblind mode in ArcGIS for cartographic design

07-27-2015 05:46 PM
Status: Open
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When designing web maps (and for that matter, paper maps) we often try to take into account viewers who are color-blind. It would be helpful if you could preview in color-blind mode or design in color-blind mode so that you could have an idea of how your map/web map will look to someone who is color blind vs not color blind. I am suggesting a toggle mode.
I overheard this idea during the UC. I'm surprised that it isn't already logged.

Related to this idea:

I may be wrong, but I think this would improve the look of maps for black & white copiers too.

Absolutely. Microsoft Powerpoint has a way to do this and it's excellent.  This may simply be a doc issue. Workflows to view a map product in grayscale exist for sure, and they should be documented in the help or in a kb document.


ArcGIS Pro already ships with a ColorBrewer palette which, if you look at the documentation at ColorBrewer: Color Advice for Maps has some solid recommendations for print-friendly, display-friendly and color-blind friendly palettes.

Or are we talking about recoloring basemaps as well? 


Cool! I will try this with my students.


I think what would be able ideal from a web app you have a widget or tool that allows you to select the types, similar to what you have in gaming.