Geoprocessing Tools -note selected features

06-05-2012 03:56 PM
Status: Open
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Currently GP tools are set to run on all records in a feature class, or in the case of any having been selected, the tool will only be performed on those selected features.

In the various dialog boxes, it should be possible for ESRI to have them point out when the GP tool is set to run on just a selected subset.

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This is a great idea. For anyone who uses geoprocessing tools on a frequent basis, the ability to process against full and partial (selections) data sets is a valuable function. To that end, it would be really helpful to have all geoprocessing tools provide options and feedback concerning selections.
  • Toggle option to process against entire data set or selection for each data set to be processed
  • Display total number of records and number of selected records for each data set being processed