Geoprocessing Tools -note selected features

06-05-2012 03:56 PM
Status: Implemented
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Currently GP tools are set to run on all records in a feature class, or in the case of any having been selected, the tool will only be performed on those selected features.

In the various dialog boxes, it should be possible for ESRI to have them point out when the GP tool is set to run on just a selected subset.

This is a great idea. For anyone who uses geoprocessing tools on a frequent basis, the ability to process against full and partial (selections) data sets is a valuable function. To that end, it would be really helpful to have all geoprocessing tools provide options and feedback concerning selections.
  • Toggle option to process against entire data set or selection for each data set to be processed
  • Display total number of records and number of selected records for each data set being processed

It would be great if ArcGIS Pro would warn or inform the user that a selection or definition query is applied to the inputs of a geoprocessing tool and that the tool will only run against a subset of the data.  Like every ArcGIS user, I've caught myself only analyzing a selection or subset of data and have had to go back an redo the steps with the selection cleared.  I worry that I've missed this in some cases where the reduced output isn't as obvious.  In ArcGIS Pro, it would be ideal if all geoprocessing tools indicated that a selection or definition query was applied to the data as it was added to the tool inputs, this would give the user a visual cue to remove the selection if that was not the intention. 


They do


and it doesn't flash or beep though


Thank you @DanPatterson I hadn't caught that one. I can also use all the flashing and beeping I can get...


The same when we do a share.  I know I have to check but, in exporting to pdf, I forgot to check and the result is the selected item are in print.  So, when doing some operation, a message like will you apply the selected item or deselect them would be very appreciated.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

I am glad and sadden that it has taken 8 years for this to be "Under Consideration". I can only hope that while ArcGIS Desktop is on the way out that the consideration is with regards to ArcGIS Pro. This should also be extended to Geoprocesses, Calculation and Data Exporting. Those 3 are the most common missteps (can't remember if publishing data while selected only does the selection) when a user attempts to run "something" only to realize it ran on the selected. I am also to lazy to see if this ENH request is pointed out else where.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thank you everyone for this idea.  We have it implemented into the 3.0 product now for selections, definition queries, and time slider filters.


Yes thanks

Thank you, X-mas came early.
I can only hope it encompasses any function within ArcGIS pro that can potentially run off a subset when features are selected.