Fully implement shift-clicking in symbology to select multiple symbol classes

12-29-2021 08:52 AM
Status: Implemented
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In your symbol class tab on the symbology pane, you can shift-click to select multiple symbol classes. The most frequent uses for this might be formatting the symbology of multiple symbols, grouping them, or removing them. When using graduated symbols, however, shift-clicking in most areas starts to edit the value of whatever you clicked. In the below example, I had the first symbol class selected and shift-clicked on the 660,000 value:


The same happens in the label column. Eventually, I can get them all selected by shift-clicking in the teeny margin left of the symbol patch, but it's hard to see where that patch technically ends, it's finicky, and it's not consistent with how other symbology methods function, where you can shift-click right on the value. Shift-clicking the label in any method seems to jump into editing rather than selecting. I also notice that when using other methods, like unique values, the columns don't span the width of the pane, and shift-clicking in this seemingly spacious shift-click zone also does nothing:


I think just a little UX housekeeping is in order here to ensure you can shift-click with ease regardless of symbolization method. Leave the editing to simple left-clicking.

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Hi @wayfaringrob what version of ArcGIS Pro are you using?

I took a look at this in 2.8.3 and a dev build of 3.0 and do not see what you are describing (other than the part about clicking in the empty far-right column not doing anything).

Shift-clicking in either the value or label columns appears to be working well.  I agree that there is limited real estate in the symbol column because clicking on the symbol itself will open the format symbol pane...


But otherwise, I'm not able to reproduce what you describe.



@KoryKramerStrange, I am using 2.9.


@KoryKramer  I just upgraded to 2.9 and am seeing the same issue; in fact, I came looking for a comment like this. What's odd is that it seems intermittent. 

In 2.8 and earlier, I found that clicking the value column would reliably work as in your GIF; the other columns seemed to do nothing or launch properties. 

In 2.9 today, sometimes it works like that, sometimes the field is treated as editable and I can't shift-click, and sometimes (strangest of all) attempting to shift-click opens the layer properties in the Definition Query section. To overcome the last one I right-mouse clicked the layer to open the properties directly and hit OK. Maybe the shift key is activating some other functionality?  


@KoryKramer, any other clarification needed?

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Thanks for the nudge @wayfaringrob I do see the behavior now that I updated a secondary machine to 2.9. I've been communicating with the team on this one since you submitted the idea and it sounds like there is already some development work happening in that symbology grid. 

We'll continue to check on that and update this idea's status as appropriate.

Thank you! 

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This functionality has been added in ArcGIS Pro 3.0. See Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.0  to see this and all of the other ideas you can look forward to when you upgrade.

Also be sure to check out the What's New documentation: https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/get-started/whats-new-in-arcgis-pro.htm