Add Page Up/Page Down/Page Left/Page Right navigation commands

01-27-2021 06:30 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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I, in arcmap we have navigation button we can use to navigate easily in layout or map.

Can't find the same in Pro so, add them.


Where exactly is that toolbar in ArcMap? I have never used it before.


You should move this to the ArcGIS Pro Ideas community.

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Thanks for the idea @MarcelSt-Germain 

I moved it from the ArcGIS Online idea exchange over here to the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.

As asked by Robert, could you provide more context around the buttons you're showing from ArcMap?


I'm looking at a layout in ArcMap right now and do not see what you're seeing, so providing more context and how you use the buttons will be helpful.



These are the Page Up/Down/Left/Right buttons from the Pan/Zoom category of commands in ArcMap's Customize menu. They can be selected to customize a toolbar. I have also found them useful in ArcMap, especially the Page Left and Right buttons, since my keyboard doesn't have standard keys for those commands. I haven't yet found the same buttons available in ArcGIS Pro's Customize the Ribbon menu.

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Thanks for the clarification.  I changed this idea's title from 'navigation' to 'Add Page Up/Page Down/Page Left/Page Right navigation commands'


Exactly that.  Thanks


Hi Marcel, I just wanted to make sure that your main use case here is in the layout, correct?  Because the Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys work to navigate in this way in a map, just not currently in a layout...



Hi Kory,

Hope to see it for layouts and maps to add them in the quick access toolbar.  I'm not fan of keyboard actions. But, what I find in trying in in map, or layout map activated, is a line displacement not a page displacement like the double arrow provide in arcmap.  

Very useful to prevent missing part of the page in the annotations cleanup.

By the way, a simple improvement could be add.  Just colored the last direction use.  Could be useful since a project could be done in many sessions so, a colored arrow could help us the direction we use last.


Status changed to: In Product Plan


Hi, yes this will very helpful. If ESRI could be this reactive for the mapseries improvements.