How To Best Manage Data in SDE?

09-16-2014 08:34 AM
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Hi.... What's the best way to organize our primary enterprise Geodatabase? We want to break it down into separate, more manageable data categories (Ex. Utilities, Operations, Environmental, etc.). Any recommendations as to doing this at the Geodatabase, Schema, or Feature Dataset level? What are the pros/cons to each scenario? Thank you.

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That's a really broad question, which has multiple possible answers, depending on implementation details that haven't been provided...

  • What version of Oracle are you using (exact release, as in
  • What version of ArcGIS are you using?  What patches are installed?
  • How many different data sources do you have? How many different tables in each category?  How may rows in each table?  How would you categorize them in volatility (read-only, read-mostly,  read-write, write-mostly)?  What is the total expected data volume (in gigabytes)?
  • How many concurrent GIS users do you have?  Are different departments involved?  What kind of isolation is required?

- V

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Thanks for your response Vince... To clarify, here are some more details for you:

  •      Oracle 11G v2
  •      ArcGIS 10.2 v2
  •      Data Sources: Basemap, Environmental, Operations, Planning, Utilities
  •      Feature Classes: Basemap (30), Environmental (10), Operations (30), Planning (15), Utilities (30)
  •      Table Rows: On Avg. - Basemap (30,000 - 40,000), Environmental (5,000-10,0000), Operations (100-500), Planning (500-1000), Utilities (10,000-20,000)
  •      Volatility: All read-write (based on category)
  •      Total Volume: 2.17GB
  •      Concurrent Users: 1 GIS Admin, 2 GIS Analysts, 1 GIS/Utilities Specialist, 100+ viewers (online), 10 mobile
  •      Departments: Engineering (primary), Operations, Planning

Hope this clarifies a bit for you... Sorry for the generalization earlier.

Thank you,


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