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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion v4.2 has just been released. This is a minor update to the app 4.1 release. Here is the summary of this release:

  • Fix the sign-in process to sign-in to SAML+PKI authenticated portals using an external browser
  • Updated content page to include item types such as administrative reports, csv files etc.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Localization improvements.

ArcGIS Companion is available via Google PlayApple App Store, and Amazon.



Follow us on Twitter @arcgiscompanion to stay up to date on upcoming releases, features and tips.


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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion v3.2 has just been released. This is a minor update to incorporate enhancements made to the ArcGIS Online in the Dec 2020 release.


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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion v2.4 has just been released. We have added some exciting new features and improvements to the app. Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Support for ArcGIS public accounts
  • Administrators can now delete members
  • Discover page enhancements
  • Filters for Group content
  • Browse content in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World for ArcGIS Online users

Listed below are some of the bug fixes and enhancements

  • Portal administrators with IWA authentication are now able to add built-in members to the organization.
  • You can now view Map Image Layers and Tile Layers in Map Viewer on mobile devices.
  • The stories you create with ArcGIS StoryMaps now appear when you filter content for apps.
  • ENH-000122005 ArcGIS Companion should allow the ability to scroll through the log in screen when signing into an organization

To learn more about it checkout the ArcGIS blog

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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion v2.3 has just been released. We have also added some exciting new features and improvements to the app. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Support for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1
  • Administrators: Manage add-on licenses (ArcGIS Pro extensions, ArcGIS Apps and App bundles)
  • Administrators: Manage credits for members
  • Administrators: Search for members based on the credits remaining
  • Support for privately shared dashboard items
  • Search for members using username, first name and last name
  • Other bug fixes and UI enhancements

User reported enhancements

  • ENH-000122320 [Admin] Manage member credits
  • ENH-000122312 Enhance searching members by username, first name and last name

To learn more about it checkout the ArcGIS blog

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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion v2.2 has just been released. We have added several exciting new features and
improvements to the app, including Support for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, Assign add-on licenses for ArcGIS Pro when adding and inviting members and more. To learn more about it checkout the ArcGIS blog

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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion v2.1 has just been released. We have added several exciting new features and
improvements to the app, including support for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 (or later) and new options for administrators. To learn more about it checkout the ArcGIS blog

In case you missed our previous update announcements here is the list

v1.4 release - What’s new in ArcGIS Companion 1.4 (December 2018) 

v1.3 release - What’s new in ArcGIS Companion 1.3 (October 2018) 

v1.2 release - Whats new with ArcGIS Companion 1.2 (September 2018) 

v1.1 release - 

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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion  v1.1 just went out. We have added some new features and improvements to the app. Here are the highlights of the release

1) Folder Support - With v1.1 you are now able to browse your content within individual folders you have created in your Organization (Org). Also if you auto sign in it remembers your last browsed folder. 

To browse content in your folders, go to the content tab and select a folder from the drop down menu. Along with the folders you also have access to the My favorites and My organization content.

2) Invite users to Org [Administrator only] - This has been one of the requested feature, the ability to add or invite users to your Org. In v1.1 we have added the option to "Add member and notify them via Email" which is 1 of the 3 options currently available in ArcGIS . The other options will be available in the next release. 

Sign in to the Org as an admin > switch to Org tab > Under members tab > tap on Invite member

3) Showing Authoritative and Deprecated content - ArcGIS Companion now displays public Authoritative content along with the Org name which has recommended the content. It also displays any Deprecated content within or outside the Org.

4) Filter members in Org or group - Another requested feature is to filter and sort members based on roles and perform sorting. This has been added both when viewing and searching Org members and group members. 

Go to Org members tab and tap on the filters option to choose the filtering based on roles and levels. You can also choose the sort order between member name, last login and level. Alternatively, you can tap on search icon and then add filters and sort option to leverage filtering and sorting within search members. This works the same way for group members within groups.

5) View Credits [Administrator only]  - Along with the total credits, administrators can now also view credits consumed in the last 30 days and in the last 24 hours. This is available under the overview section of the Org tab.

Exciting new features are coming in the next release and beyond. Please continue to provide your feedback through GeoNet or email us at Thank you.

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Esri Regular Contributor

ArcGIS Companion, a native mobile app created to complement your ArcGIS organization. As a result, managing your ArcGIS content or keeping up with what’s happening in your organization (Org) has never been simpler. Here are the top 5 things an Org admin can do using this app.

5) View the remaining Organization/Member Credits

As an Organization (Org) administrator (admin) you can view the credits remaining for the individual members. You can also view the credits remaining for your Org in total along with the expiration date.

To view remaining Org credits, go to the Overview section of the My Organization tab. For members credits, switch to the members section of the My Organization tab and tap on the preferred Org member to view  members profile which contains the remaining credits. Screenshots below shows the remaining Org credits and an individual member credits.

4) Reset members password

As an org admin you can reset any Org members password from their profile page. Once the password has been reset, the corresponding member will receive an email with a temporary password to sign in with a new password.

In order to reset any Org members password. Choose any member and go to  the profile settings section. Tapping on the Reset password will allow you to reset members password as shown below-

3) Enable/Disable a member

Similar to resetting a member, an Org admin can perform other admin tasks such as enabling or disabling an Org member. Disabling a member can be done by tapping on the "Disable member" option available on the members profile > settings > account section. Once the member has been disabled, it will be listed as a disabled member within the Org. 

Below are screenshots showing  the steps to disable a member.

2) Delete an Org Group

Only admins have the privilege to delete any group from the Org irrespective of if they are the member of that group or not. To delete a group, select a group from the groups tab and tap on the options menu on the top right to delete a group. This is an irreversible process, hence admins need to careful when doing this. Here are couple of screenshots displaying the delete group task.

1) Updating a member's role

ArcGIS Companion provides an important functionality to update an Org member's role. This can be done by visiting member's profile page and tapping on the edit icon of the "Level and Role" section. The Level and Role page will list all the available roles configured in the Org to choose from. Selecting a different role will update the member's role immediately.

To check out what other functionalities are supported by the ArcGIS Companion, please read the following blog 

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Esri Contributor

With the recent launch of new mobile app ArcGIS Companion we thought it might be useful to list out features of the app and also answer any frequently asked questions. If you have not yet read the release blog post then it might be useful to read it first.

What can I do with this app at version 1.0?

A lot actually, here is a list of feature functionality thats available in the app 

  • Sign into ArcGIS Online orgs
  • Fingerprint/Touch/FaceID support
  • Remember user (opt-in )
  • Content
  • View your content
  • View org content
  • View favorites and add/remove to favorites
  • Sort by title or date
  • Comment (Add or reply)
  • Open in other ArcGIS apps (if installed)
  • Open in browser (limited item types, more support coming soon)
  • If content owner/org admin
    • View usage statistics
    • Modify sharing preferences
    • Delete comments
  • Share content 
  • Groups
  • Org
  • Everyone
  • Links & social media
  • Groups
  • View groups 
  • View each group info, content  and members
  • Request to join group
  • If Group owner/admin
  • search for members and add them to a group
  • promote member to manager and vice versa (Group admin only)
  • Modify properties of the group
  • Invite members within org and outside org
  • Search
  • Content within org or all online
  • Filters
  • Remember last five searches
  • People search available within the Org tab in v1
  • Notifications
  • Show any pending notifications
  • Allow action to be taken
  • Org
  • Info on org (details, link, orgID, items, groups, credits etc...) 
  • List of members, admins
  • Profile 
  • Info, credits
  • Org settings
  • View licenses assigned
  • Edit Profile 
  • Name
  • Photo
  • Bio
  • Change password
  • Discover your org items
  • Featured items (if configured)
  • Popular items
  • New items
  • Learn about Esri via blogs, tweets and news
  • Search bar
  • App preferences/settings
  • Full support for custom roles settings & privileges
  • Admin specific
  • Disable/enable member
  • Change member role
  • Change member info on behalf
  • Enable Esri access for any member
  • Delete any org item, group
  • Modify any content/group settings
  • More info on org (credits, expiration, etc..)
  • Supported Platforms and Devices
  • iOS
  • iPhone (iOS 10 and above)
  • iPad (iOS 10 and above)
  • Android 
  • Any arm based device
  • API level 16 and above
  • Android x86 platform


Who can use this app?
Any ArcGIS organization user either part of online or enterprise will be able to use the app. Few specific features and workflows will be reserved for admins. This app will also support any user who has signed up via trial or via developer program. Free public user account will not be allowed to sign in by design.
What is the cost?
ArcGIS Companion is a free app available on public app stores and provided as part of your ArcGIS org subscription.
Where can I get it?


Is the app localized? 

Yes, we care a lot about our international user community. Similar to other ArcGIS products, this app is localized and internationalized in all supported languages.

  • All supported 38+ languages (except hindi)
  • Full support for RTL (Hebrew and Arabic)

Does the mobile app run on tablets?

Yes ArcGIS Companion is designed to run on any iOS or Android phone or tablet. 


Whats next?

This is just the beginning. We have lots of exciting features and enhancements lined up for future versions. Suggestions welcome!

When is the next release?

We plan to release with every major release of ArcGIS and also make updates to the app in-between. In short we will be updating the app numerous times over the year. If you can't wait and want to get in early then sign up for our Early Adopter Community program and we can then provide you beta versions of the upcoming releases as we update them via Apple Test Flight or Google Play Beta.

What tech was this app but with?

As listed in the About/Credits section in the app, this app was built with AppStudio for ArcGIS. Build amazing cross-platform mobile, tablets and/or desktops apps in one codebase quickly and efficiently using AppStudio.

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