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The File Geodatabase API 1.5 is now available for download from GitHub The FileGDB 1.5 release is primarily a maintenance release with the addition of  a few new compilers and platforms.


What’s new at 1.5:

    • MS Visual Studio 2015 support.
    • Allow the use of the Spatial Reference ID to create the spatial reference (BUG-000100781)
    • Support for new operating system versions:


     Red Hat

     SUSE Linux Enterprise Server



     Windows 8.1

     Windows 10.0


     Yosemite (10.10)

     El Capitan (10.11)

     Sierra (10.12)


Released under the Apache license.


Fixed Issues:

BUG-000100782 File Geodatabase: COUNT(0) should return 0 with a WHERE clause that returns no rows (1=0).

BUG-000100783 Remove Windows FileGDBAPI.dll's reliance on Microsoft.VC90.CRT.

BUG-000088293 FileGDB API throws -2147217395 error when executing SQL query with SQL functions.

BUG-000097116 Table::FreeWriteLock does not clear the lock.

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