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Esri Contributor

We are glad to share with the community that the latest updates of the ArcGIS Earth mobile app - release version 1.6 is now available in both App Store and Google Play


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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

The August release of ArcGIS Earth desktop is now available! Download this latest release of ArcGIS Earth on our website, and visit the ArcGIS Earth Resources page for free training materials and tutorials. 

This latest release comes with several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, including the ability to filter for layers, draw templates, and add drawings for the Automation API.


What's New


Filter for Layer - Filter is a key new feature we added to this release. You can define a single expression or a combination of expressions as a filter to determine a desired subset of features shown on the map. The filter panel can be accessed through the attribute table’s filter icon or layers’ right-click menu. By applying definition queries to the layers, you can filter out the data you don’t need and only have the desired data display on the globe. 


Draw Templates - Various KML drawing templates are now available to draw lines or polygons in free shapes or predefined shapes. Line templates include the regular line, right angle line, and freehand mode. Polygon templates include rectangle, circle, ellipse, and freehand as well. All of these shapes can be extruded to a proper elevation and configured size, and transparency as needed.





Earth API Add Drawings -

New methods of Automation drawing API are added to this release, including Add Drawing, Remove Drawings, and Clear Drawings. With the Automation drawing API, you can add the placemark, path, and polygon in ArcGIS Earth. Clear all graphic is also supported in the new release.

As demoed in the below video, we first enable a html window to perform navigation using ArcGIS online geocoding service. Once navigation is complete, we can save the start point and the destination point, including the route as KML data and have them added to Table of Contents automatically. These data can be grouped together and be shared to online or your portal connection all at once.






Disabled basemap - There is a new capability to disable all basemaps added to the new desktop release of ArcGIS Earth. The basemap can now be disabled anytime by clicking the “No Basemap” thumbnail at the end of the basemap gallery.

Remember certificates for PKI authentication -

Users who utilize PKI authentication for ArcGIS Earth will now have their certificates and credentials saved for future use. This should make user the authentication process more seamless.

A new Select a certificate window has been added. A certificate can now be remembered when being selected in the window for the corresponding portal. It can also be conveniently removed by clicking the Forget Certificate option in the portal context menu.

Layer properties enhancement - Under the Summary tab in the layer properties window, description, data source, and spatial reference are redesigned. First, image, table, and hyperlinks, as well as various HTML formats including paragraph, list, font size, bold are now honored in the layer description for a portal item or service layer properties. Second, the data path or service URL can now be copied or open in an external browser with one click. Third, spatial reference information is organized and presented in table format and is more readable. 

KML “save as” enhancement - The “Save As” panel is redesigned specifically for KML layers to clarify the Save as process. For an edited KML layer, the Save option in the right-click menu is removed and combined with Save as. The original KML data will not be modified only if you check the Replace the layer in table of contents once exported check box to ensure your edits are saved and automatically added to the table of contents to replace the original layer. On the other hand, unchecking this option will perform the common Save as function.

Issues addressed





Provide the ability for the ArcGIS Earth XY Provider search to parse Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS) coordinates in the formats "ddmmssN/SddmmssE/W" or "dddmmssN/SdddmmssE/W".


The <Document> tag is not present in the KML file created from ArcGIS Earth 1.15.


ArcGIS Earth does not add a CSV file with DMS values.


Unable to disable the logs or change the log levels in ArcGIS Earth.


Refreshing the KML network links in ArcGIS Earth 1.14 collapses the nested folders and layers.


Intermittent issues with saving descriptions on the Info tab in ArcGIS Earth.


SAML sign in to portal using certificate returns a blank page. This is a known limitation at ArcGIS Earth 1.15, and gets fixed at 1.16.


Known Limitation





Color ramp will not work when the renderer of a feature service layer is visualVariables.

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

The April 2022 release of ArcGIS Earth is here! Download this latest release of ArcGIS Earth on our website, and visit the ArcGIS Earth Resources page for free training materials and tutorials. 

This latest release comes with several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, including support for Vector Tile Layers, KML multi-selection and batch editing, attribute tables, an on-screen navigation controller, and 3D labeling.


What's New


Vector tile layer support - Containing vector representations of data across scales, vector tiles adapt to the resolution of their display device and can be restyled. In ArcGIS Earth, you can add a vector tile layer into My Data folder or Startup layer folder, or set it as the basemap.


Navigator - Once you enable navigation control in the application settings, the navigator appears in the lower right corner of the viewport. The north compass and home button are also integrated into the navigator with more flexible navigation controls.




3D labeling You can customize the style and visualization of labels on the fly. With the label editing capability, you can set the label position and label style in a 3D global view.


Attribute table - An attribute table displays raw data and allows you to sort, select, and export that data.



KML batch editing Multiple KML nodes with the same geometry type can now be edited together. You can also batch edit all the layers stored in a folder.




Image display orderA dynamic imagery layer of a mosaic dataset  contains a collection of images. When working with these types of imagery layers in ArcGIS Earth, you can modify the image display order and determine how to resolve overlapping areas. 




Automation API auto-start setting - The ArcGIS Earth automation API can now be enabled directly through an autostart switch in the application’s advanced settings.

Add Startup layers to My Data - Layer data stored in the Startup layer folder can now be added to the My Data folder with one click from the layer’s context menu.

KML multiselection - You can select multiple KML nodes by pressing Ctrl or Shift while selecting the nodes.


Known Limitation





No context menu for images in pop-ups when the local machine is connected to a virtual machine with a different scale and layout.

Attribute table

Multipart features are not supported for export in the attribute table.


SAML log into portal using certificate returns blank page. A workaround to this is to sign in using web browser.

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Esri Contributor


The release version 1.5 of ArcGIS Earth Mobile is available in App Store and Google Play. Many of you may have already tried the updates when the build was rolling out earlier this month, and we also shared the new version with the community at the Esri Developer Summit 2022 where we received positive feedback. In this major update, we focus on data support, visualization, sharing and usability, as outlined below:  

What’s new in V1.5

New data type 

  • Support for vector tile layers including online services and offline data packages

YujingChang_1-1647591838014.pngData Source:  Formations géologiques à 1/1 000 000 - France métropolitaine and Media_Moon_3D_Scene 

Visualization and Sharing

  • Add an AR view mode for featured and users‘ data
  • Redesign UX and UI for placemarks editing -  add customization symbol (including icon, color, size), location displaying, and description information
  • Improve the pop-up style to display the info attached to features

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.36.07 PM.png                                                                         AR Mode and Placemarks editing                                                                

  • GPS enhancements-
    • record GPS Track with z-value and visualize the vertical changes
    • show Track stats including speed profile and elevation profile
    • allow editing Track title when sharing it to portal
    • add location info to Track name and the shareable card

YujingChang_4-1647592783621.png                                                                      GPS Tracks                                                                                    


  • provide proper error messages for adding data and connecting to portal  
  • re-order the how-to gesture tutorial (zoom and tilt)
  • provide notification when launching the app in a disconnected environment  
  • unify measurement units settings in a global menu


ArcGIS Earth Mobile Fixed Issues List

For iOS



Add Data

1.    Fixed a bug that some picture contents in Kml popup may not appear correctly.

GPS Track

2.    Fixed a bug that when the previous track may miss after switching the view


3.    Fixed an ANR when trying to save screenshot to photo while the permission is not granted in system


4.    Fixed a bug in tapping Tours makes app freeze on iOS 15.x

For Android



Add data

1.     Fixed a bug that Kml popup having picture contents may not appear correctly.

GPS Track

Fixed an issue in showing Track name in non-English locale.


2.     Fixed an issue in toggling terrain service on and off when switching between UIs


Known limitation



Add data

1.     Tiled Imagery layer is not yet supported


2.     Adding some integrated mesh layers may cause a crash in the app(iOS)


3.     Only data with web mercator (3857) tiling scheme is supported(iOS)


4.     Locator may not respond when network connection is not poor or restored from bad condition(iOS)


5.     The highlighted identify-object is not in the viewpoint of zoom to(iOS)


Get the app

Try or upgrade your ArcGIS Earth mobile app and let us know your thoughts.

iOS users:

Get from App Store:


Android users:

Get from Google Play:


Or download and create an APK file from

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

We’re excited to now be rolling out ArcGIS Earth 1.14 on Nov. 18, 2021! Download this latest release of ArcGIS Earth on our website, and visit the ArcGIS Earth Resources page for free training materials and tutorials. 

This major release brings support for new data types, huge improvements in imagery rendering, freehand drawing, and a lot more. Please read on!


What's New


New data types include the following:

  • OGC GeoPackage (.gpkg)
  • Mobile map package (.mmpk


Processing templates - Given that multiple processing templates are predetermined on the server-side of an image service, after adding the data, you can switch from one template to another for a different renderer or raster function chain. 


Freehand drawing - Support of freehand mode allows you to create lines and polygons that follow the movement of your pointer. Enable freehand mode by clicking while pressing Alt.


Elevation exaggeration - The Elevation Exaggeration user interface has been redesigned to visualize the landscape on the globe. The maximum value is increased to 100 on the scale bar. This maximum value of exaggeration can be configured to 1000 in the ArcGIS Earth configuration file if needed.




Pop-up resize - Pop-up size mode can be switched from Fixed to Auto Resizing in the ArcGIS Earth configuration file.


Support overall KML layer transparency - The KML layer transparency can be adjusted in the KML layer Properties panel at the parent node. 


Customize layer icons in the table of contents - Layer icons in the table of contents can now be customized at two levels: I. per layer/folder type, and II.


Sign in using a browser - Sign in using a browser is available as an option for signing into ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise portal. It can also be set as the default option for sign-in.



Block new portal connections A new administrator parameter, disableAddPortal, has been added in the ArcGIS Earth configuration file to allow disabling new ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise portal connections in Portal Manager.


Known Limitation





Batch geocoding is not available when the geocoding server is not federated with portal.

Raster layer

The blue to red color ramp is not honored if a raster layer is of scientific data source type.

Raster layer

Legend info is missing for local raster layer.


Windows display is not the same between two monitors when they have different DPI.

Time slider

'Move by step' in time based animation fails to display consistently while viewing through time slider.

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Esri Contributor

We are excited to share with you that ArcGIS Earth mobile version 1.4 is live now in App Store and Google Play! In this major update, we are focusing on improving design for an easier data viewing and content browsing experience and for the enhanced sharing and collaboration capability. 

What’s new in 1.4


  • Track with the alternative footprint symbol and view location history on the move. 
  • Create a shareable card from the recorded track with custom view and an elevation profile.
  • Showcase selected online contents on launch of the app. 
  • Add online contents to My Favorites when users are signed in with an ArcGIS account. 


  • Switch between full extent or dynamic following mode in replaying recorded tracks. 
  • Search history in Add data from portal is now saved and can be easily retrieved. 
  • Redesigned the experience in adding data from Living Atlas, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise and browsing it on the scene. You can now add and preview multiple data contents without leaving the search result list in the portal. 
  • Enhanced sharing My Placemarks as KMZ and added support for sharing across other apps and uploading to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. 
  • Support for searching locations from geographic coordinates in various formats. 
  • Support for recording and sharing Tour videos in landscape mode. 

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

ArcGIS Earth Desktop 1.13 has been released on July 29. To learn more, and to download the latest ArcGIS Earth, check out the ArcGIS Earth product page. It will go live later on Microsoft store.


What's New 


This release includes support for new exciting features like configuration file sharing, visibility range, layer icon customization, and made several enhancements.




Config sharing - You can share a local configuration file with your organizations as an XML file directly through the ArcGIS Earth Configuration Manager.


Visibility Range - Set layer visibility at a specified range and get the best view of data at various levels of detail.

                                XiChen_1-1627597254794.gif                                                  XiChen_2-1627597291736.gif            

Layer icon customization - Layer icons in the table of contents can now be customized based on each layer type or folder type.






Undo/Redo editing enhancement - Undo and redo are now supported for editing KML properties, including colors, styles, labels, views, information.

Time format unification - The format of time elements displayed in ArcGIS Earth will match the operating system settings.

Microsoft .appx equivalency - ArcGIS Earth 1.13 installed from Microsoft Store is now equivalent to ArcGIS Earth installed using an executable file in terms of social logins and being set as the default app for KML, KMZ, or MSPK.



Issue Addressed


The following table lists reported bugs that were fixed at ArcGIS Earth 1.13:

  • BUG-000138088: ArcGIS Earth fails to load a WMS service enabled from an image service.
  • BUG-000102047: Adding a mosaic dataset image service with Allowed Mosaic Methods 'Default method : By Attribute and Order Field : Date' gives the error String was not recognized valid Date_Time error when the service URL is added to ArcGIS Earth.
  • BUG-000138227: When viewing a map service with a set visibility range in ArcGIS Earth, pop-ups will still display when features are not visible.
  • BUG-000139838: When adding the URL of the configuration file hosted over ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS Earth, the Unable to load configuration settings error message is returned.



Known Limitation




KML/HTML window

Some videos using H264/AAC codecs cannot be played in ArcGIS Earth.

Time slider

When data falls outside of the time interval, it is still displayed in ArcGIS Earth.

Feature service

Feature service fails to load when it contains SVG symbols.


Arabic strings display as boxes after applying italic style on the Info tab of the Properties dialog box.

Visibility range

Preset maximum or minimum scale of the web map cannot be read in ArcGIS Earth.


No "Properties" option when right-click on kml placemark if there's no properties info for this kml data.


No highlight after selecting a drawing KmlPlacemark on TOC if there's no properties info for this kml data.


Regarding the last two known limitations of KML data, we currently provide below workarounds:

  • Make sure KML data is appropriately edited with properties info
  • Double-click KML data from the Table of Contents to zoom to the data
  • Check or uncheck from the Table of Contents to navigate to the data

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

ArcGIS Earth is an interactive 3D experience to plan, visualize, and evaluate events on the globe. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool that provides situational awareness on desktop and mobile devices for improved decision-making.


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Esri Contributor

ArcGIS Earth for mobile version 1.3 is now available in Google Play and App Store. Ithis update, we brought in several exciting new features and made multiple enhancements including: 

  • Record GPS tracks and share them as KMZ 
  • Take snapshots of the full scene with a native screen capture tool 
  • Launch navigation apps from ArcGIS Earth 
  • Scan QR code of the portal URL for quick and easy connection 
  • Toggle on and off terrain from the Basemap Gallery 

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

ArcGIS Earth 1.11 has been released on Oct. 1. To learn more, and to download ArcGIS Earth, see the ArcGIS Earth overview or Microsoft store.


What's new


This release includes new 3D capabilities, supports for new data types, and user experience enhancements. Here are a few highlights:


Sunlight and shadows: You can layer dynamic sunlight and shadows on scenes that can be labeled with the time and date, in any time zone.

Underground navigation: Go underground or under the sea with new subsurface navigation tools.

New data support: Expand your workflows by adding GPX, WFS, and GeoJSON to your ArcGIS Earth workspace.

Updated bookmarks: Create and manage multiple bookmark groups and add more context to your bookmarks with customizable informational pop-ups.

Symbology: Start using the new symbol types: Type (Unique Symbol) and Counts and Amounts (Colors).

Issues addressed


Please see the below key fixes that are included in this release.

  • BUG-000130179: ArcGIS Earth support to embed the URL link within a KML file.
  • BUG-000129768: KML Network Links that throw a P3P error will cause ArcGIS Earth to crash.
  • BUG-000118831: ArcGIS Earth 1.8 displays the first layer only when a hosted feature service with multiple layers is added via Add Data from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1.
  • BUG-000122676: Installations of ArcGIS Earth on specific Windows SHB configurations are not able to decrypt the ArcGIS Runtime license string, resulting in the "Licensed For Developer Use Only" watermark to be displayed.
  • BUG-000129620: Drawing a line data in ArcGIS Earth (desktop) at a higher altitude does not honor the Draped (clamped to the ground) altitude property.
  • BUG-000133000: ArcGIS Earth 1.10 sign-in fails to portals configured to use the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication with a public key infrastructure (PKI).

Known limitation





Shadow on terrain is not supported in ArcGIS Earth.


Daylight animation with shadow effect will not function well if you lock/unlock screen or change screen display during daylight analysis process.

Underground mode 

Camera control might get sensitive while navigating data under the ground.    

Underground mode 

There might be gaps on the basemap after enabling underground mode. 

Underground mode 

With Atmosphere effect on, changing ground transparency might cause rendering issue. 


If the feature layer is from a portal item or inside a group, adjusted symbology will be cleared once you exit ArcGIS Earth. 

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