What's new in ArcGIS Earth mobile 1.7.x (Nov 2022- Apr 2023)

12-01-2022 12:23 AM
Esri Contributor
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ArcGIS Earth mobile 1.7 is live now. Some major highlight features and enhancements are included in this release:

  • Support for adding web maps to a 3D scene.
  • Support for the location unit setting in UTM and MGRS.
  • Support for recording and sharing video in the AR mode.

Please watch the video below for more details on the new features (note the volume)   

Issues addressed

1.7.1BUG-000153015 Allow users to set a basemap from a portal to be honored in the ArcGIS Earth app
1.7.2BUG-000157537App(iOS) crashes when connecting to a specific portal
1.7.2BUG-000157182Unable to add tile packages in the .tpkx format in ArcGIS Earth on iOS devices


Get the app

Try or upgrade your ArcGIS Earth mobile app and let us know your thoughts.

iOS users:

Get from App Store: https://apps.apple.com/cn/app/arcgis-earth/id1442724282


Android users:

Get from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esri.earth.phone


Or download and create an APK file from https://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-earth/mobile/get-started.htm