How do you remove extra vertices in a polyline while keeping its shape?

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12-27-2016 09:45 AM
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I've been editing and adding sewer and manhole features that are part of a geometric network. Some edits included adding features, editing attributes, and disconnecting select features in order to change sewer alignment. Since making these edits, I noticed on some sewer features (marker line symbols), vertices were added at bends, thus adding additional arrows (markers) on the line, making it look very crowded. 

I attached a figure illustrating a before and after. The before figure on the left is a screenshot of a previous PDF file from before I made changes to the geometric network.

I don't know what I did to cause this change. Any suggestions on what to look for or change so that I am only seeing a few markers per line? Preferably, I'd like to remove all the additional vertices, while keeping the shape of the line so that I do not need to change the marker line template.

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Okay, I think I understand. So it seems my problem wasn't really a problem. In my mxd file, I see the multiple segments, but when I exported the map again, the lines appear as it did previously, with fewer markers. I must have not noticed the dense markers before I made the changes in my mxd.


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Just for future reference, the‌ place is for help with GeoNet itself, not general help from the GeoNet community.  There is a‌ place that has multiple subplaces for specific topics.  The‌ is a good document to take a look at when new to the community.