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Home > Product Communities > Industry Communities Developer space offer information, collaboration, and answers to questions you have about Esri platforms.    Developer Spaces  AppStudio for ArcGIS  ArcGIS API for Flex  ArcGIS API for JavaScript  ArcGIS API for Silverlight  ArcGIS Pro SDK  ArcGIS API for Python  ArcGIS REST API  ArcObjects…
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Hi,   I was trying to replace the background universe with a customize pic while zooming out in the scene view. But it seems has no documents introducing how can I do that.  Wondering if anyone can help? Cheers, Han
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Sorry to ask such a simple question over geo net, but here it goes. I'm working with ESRI Sample stream layers for geo event server, sample layer here: WorldSatellites (StreamServer)    If you go to the sample satellite stream it has a field for speed and the speed is shown as "Speed = 5.57459006297416e-9" I have no idea what measure the speed is… (Show more)
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Hi all, I’m attempting to deploy a Web AppBuilder app to an AWS instance running Windows Server 2012R and ISS 8.  I’ve uploaded the WAB package to the server, registered an “app” link to the AWS URL in the AGOL account associated with my Esri developer account, copied the appID into the config.json file, and added the application to the default… (Show more)
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Hello guys and gals,   I am using MapView control from xmlns:esri="".   #region source code <esri:MapView x:Name="MyMapView"/> #endregion   I have my own Arcgis portal and I want to use a MapView control from the portal. Is it possible ?   If Arcgis portal has a seperate assembly… (Show more)
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All the Geoprocess Service on my ArcGIS Server are not running properly. For example, when I click the PrintingTools under Utilities, I got the following error,   Error: Error handling service request : Could not initialize service 'Utilities/PrintingTools.GPServer'.Code: 500   Then, I went to ArcGIS Server Manager and tried to restart the… (Show more)
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Hi all,   Is there any way for the add data widget to be configured to search more than one AGOL/portal group?  The curated option allows you to add one group for searching. However, I need the ability to serach more than one group from my app.   Thanks   Gareth
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Hello,   I'm not really sure if this is the right spot for this. If not, I'll be happy to move it. I have created a P.O.C in Angular with the help of the brilliant tutorial code in github.   I have changed the basemap to my own tile service, but since we are using a different SpatialReference, problems started to come up quickly.   I… (Show more)
Hi all! I'm new here, thanks for letting me join the community. So putting my noobness on the line here, I will risk asking a question that has probably been answered before, but I was unable to word my searches right to get the answer I was looking for... We're building a web-based registration solution, where I'm tasked with building the… (Show more)
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I am getting the following error when I try to create a site using ArcGIS server 10.5.1 - <Msg time="2018-06-13T12:27:42,665" type="SEVERE" code="6533" source="Admin" process="5664" thread="14" methodName="" machine="Machinaname" user="" elapsed="">Failed to create the site. com.esri.arcgis.discovery.servicelib.AGSException: java.lang.Exception:… (Show more)
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