Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.7: Something to Celebrate

12-16-2020 09:51 AM
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In any year, as December draws to a close, it seems to be a natural time for reflection.  Whether in my personal or professional life, I find myself looking back at what was accomplished during the past year, while at the same time looking forward to opportunities for the coming year.  There is a rhythm, a built-in beat, triggered both by natural cycles – the shorter, colder days, at least here in the northern hemisphere – as well as by social cues centered around the holidays, that drives this period of reflection.

This year is different, of course, due to the devastating pandemic that has shaken the world.   While nature’s stalwart cues arrived on time, lending a sense of stability and comfort, the social signals that we’ve grown accustomed to are highly altered or lacking altogether.  Sometimes it’s just little things like not having meetings in a conference room where somebody can bring holiday cookies to share.  But there may be bigger things, like not being able to visit and spend time with family and friends, that leave us longing. BYOD (bring your own drink) to a Zoom party doesn’t quite seem to fill the gap here, friends!  So if you’re anything like me, you may find yourself still in search of something to celebrate…

While challenging for sure, this year has amplified my ability to celebrate small things that may have gone overlooked before.  In the spirit of wanting to share something, anything, that might give you a little reason to celebrate, here are your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

Some of these ideas bring remaining ArcMap functionality into ArcGIS Pro, others are just plain good ideas that we’re happy to see come to life, and a great number of these are productivity boosters.  We hope that everyone will be able to find a little something to celebrate in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

Most requested:

ArcGIS Pro – Eye Dropper Tool (8:27)

Folders under Bookmarks Menu (8:05)

ArcGIS Pro GPS Toolbar (7:47)


Analysis and Geoprocessing:

Add Map to KML/KMZ in ArcGIS Pro (6:37)

Layer to KML for Selected Records (6:25)

Pro: GP Inputs should display full path to sources (as does Arc) (6:12)

Pro: Add the Magnetic Calculator tool (5:27)

Reclassify for vector data (5:14)

New ModelBuilder Iterator (3:35)

Enabling drag\drop property while adding tools in the model builder (3:24)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: There should be a button “North Up” for stereo images (2:50)

Add Fields (multiple) UI Improvement in Pro (1:28)

Include Python Linter in Default Pro Virtual Environment (0:53)

Add Python Pillow library to stock ArcGIS Pro Python (0:53)

Tools with Output Location Dialogue box not intuitive (0:45)


Data Management:

Enable Repair Geometry tool for ArcSDE geodatabases (7:40)

Attribute Transfer in Parcel Editor Tools (4:54)

Mean Points Enhancement (4:41)

Field Calculator enabled in Parcel Details window (4:30)

The “enable geodatabase” tool is not available on the right click of the geodatabase (4:24)

Improve selection in Pro Version Changes Dialog (4:16)

ArcGIS Pro should allow you to see the SQL used to create a database view (3:42)

Time zone toggle in ArcGIS Pro (3:15)

Add ability to access the current user name in Arcade (2:42)

Add the ability to COGO polygons in ArcGIS Pro. (2:31)

Add Help Button to Editing Tools (2:10)

Option to Add New Feature to Current Map (1:58)

Reset Default Field Order in Pro (1:40)

Add possibility to remove all “Match” columns when geocoding from ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap (1:09)

Rematch Addresses geocoding tool enhancement (1:09)

Selecting multiple fields causes view to jump (0:38)

Provide a shortcut for toggling fields in ArcGIS Pro (0:29)

Enable alias-editing capabilities on Create Feature Class/Create Table Wizard for system related fie... (0:21)


Mapping and Visualization:

Pro: Add the Profile Graph Tool as it works in ArcMap (7:29)

Add different blend techniques to layers and graphics (5:40)

Display Geotagged Photos on Map (7:11)

Export Geotiff of layout (6:54)

Only Display These Scales – in ArcGIS Pro (6:45)

ArcGIS Pro – more Intuitive Default Legend Labels (6:05)

Designating Items In Legend Columns (5:58)

Arcpy: legend.addItem (5:46)

Reorder legend items with arcpy.mapping (5:46)

Caching “Suggestion” option is not available in ArcPro 2.4.1 (5:33)

Change coordinate system for Scene Layer Package (.slpk) (5:02)

No Sample Sized Reached Error in ArcGIS Pro (4:02)

Add sort and find abilities to contents pane (3:51)

Key numbering for EVERY feature in a layer. (3:00)

“Downhill” placement of labels with Maplex (3:07)

The “add callout” tool for “go to xy” appear not to be available (2:20)

Rectangle Zoom Out tool for ArcGIS Pro (1:46)

Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro work better for you.  A special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release:

AmandaTaylor, KatherineSotnik, MooreCounty, ZachEdwards2, VeritaAdmin, ThomasColson, ChrisPlano, AndrewZimba, JamalNUMAN, BarbaraSchneider2, ColeAndrews, JoshuaBixby, PaulDziemiela2, AndreaKross, Pieter_Geertvan_den_Beukel, JohnFell, PandaGuest, CourtneyGordon1, StevenSalas, TobiSellekaerts, MTaft-Ferguson, JohnBrodnicki, MatthewBeal, MaryUllrich, CathyWilson2, MatthewBoyle1, LarsElmkær_Chwastek, QuayeTrimble1, GabrielMarcus1, StephenLead, JayHill, DouglasCaldwell, SusanBrandner, RyanKelso, JeffKling, ColtonSnelling, ClintDow, gauthierverlin, TySimmons, MichalBirkenfeld1, BobPerham, RoseNyberg, FMGLGIS, and ÁkosHalmai.

We welcome the community's continued participation in helping us define ArcGIS Pro’s development priorities for the future!

MVP Esteemed Contributor

@KoryKramer, great post, thanks for sharing.  These posts where you share Ideas that are now implemented in ArcGIS Pro are a great way for users and the community to see that feedback on GeoNet can make a difference.  I only wish other product teams were as on the ball as Pro.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Thanks @KoryKramer ! 


Not to rain on the parade but when will we see : implemented?

Community Moderator

Hi @JoeBorgione  It's status of In Product Plan is correct.  I can't make any promises but hopefully in 2.8.  

Occasional Contributor III

@KoryKramer I have a question about "Add Map to KML/KMZ in ArcGIS Pro (6:37)". This is great. I wasn't using Pro much until 2.7 and I took for granted that this function would be there. So I'm glad it is.

However, what happened to the legend getting exported for use in KML? Do I still have to use ArcMap for this? I already have my map completely created in ArcGIS Pro for export and I think I have to now recreate it in ArcMap just to get the legend to KML.

Also as a side note, the KML created from my ArcGIS Pro map turns on all of the layers after export. I didn't have them all turned on in Pro. I believe this is an unfortunate difference from the tool in ArcMap also.

Thanks in advance.

Community Moderator

Hi @AndreaB I shared your comment with the geoprocessing team and they'll look into the issues you've raised.

Occasional Contributor III

@KoryKramer  thank you! I hope they can work on that functionality.

I did have to recreate my map in ArcMap to get the legend to export to KML. But after all of that, the legend wasn't reading correctly within Google Earth. The text was overlapping, it was a mess. So after my googling, I did this work around that Crystal mentions in this post, genius: 

Off topic but: I find that some things are different in ArcGIS Pro for seemingly no reason at all. The new one I discovered today - I can't hold down shift to deselect features after I have several features selected! I have to use Ctrl now. What? Why?! Ah, new software.

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