Layer to KML for Selected Records

10-09-2018 07:30 AM
Status: Implemented
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In Arc GIS pro, when exporting layer to KML it exports all the objects to KML despite we only select few object.

Can this be fixed so that it allows user to export only selected objects if that is what they intend?


I just did a quick little test and it looks like you can use Make Layer From Selected Features

and then feed that into the Layer to KML tool.  That should do what you need.



In arc map, if you use KML tool, it allows you to create a KMZ directly from selection without taking an extra step.

I was just wondering if that can be implemented into arcgis pro without creating more features and then having to delete it.

It would be greatly appreciated.


I just compared and can confirm that the tool honors the selection in ArcMap and not in ArcGIS Pro.  I'm going to check with the geoprocessing team to determine whether this as changed for some reason or see if it is a bug.  Thank you.


Kory, do you know when in the product plan for ArcGIS Pro is this expected? The Bug info (Bug BUG-000122278) is not really specific other than stating that it is in the product plan. We struggle with this regularly (our workflow is to export our subset, import symbology, etc... which is tedious with many layers).

We appreciate your help!

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Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

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