Display Geotagged Photos on Map

08-06-2012 12:26 PM
Status: Implemented
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This enhancement would display geotagged photos on a map. Currently, it is possible to add an image as a map symbol, but this must be done symbol by symbol. The proposed enhancement would provide a database-driven solution, where the images (or thumbnails) would be displayed on the map, similar to Fotomaps (shown below) or Panoramio.


Some cameras (such as our Ricoh) record a compass bearing (in addition to Lat/Long) to show the direction the camera was pointing when the photo was taken.  Ideally this would be included as an arrow alongwith the photo.
If the photos are stored as attachments in the gdb it would also be nice to "label" the point with the attachment thumbnail.
Yes, This subject very important., It must directly make.  Another solution, some long, Photos can opened by ArcGIS Explorer Desktop, then save as layer package and open in ArcMap. 
Yes!  I would very much like to have this enhancement.  I have a map, that will be used only as a printed version, for which I need to do exactly this.  For now, I guess I can just manually place 100+ images.

I'm completely agree with you all.
Since 2012, ArcPhoto is no longer disponible in ArcMAP.

However, ArcPhoto had very usefull tools that the new toolbox (Import geotagged photos) doesn't have. It's a pity!
That would be great that ESRI developpers integrate this:
1/ SHOW THE ARROW of direction of the photo (include in EXIF).
2/ CREATE thumbnails automatically that could cross from Dataview To LayoutView ( I can't imagine place manually hundreds of photos!!!!!!!!).

ArcPhoto is still available from Esri-- it is in ArcGIS Online at:


Tom Emge (Esri superstar) last updated this January 6, 2017.  Now I am looking to have the same tools in ArcGIS Pro-- will consider posting another idea for that.

Status changed to: Implemented

This is implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7 through the following workflow:

  1. When you run the GeoTagged Photos to Points tool, add the photos as attachments.
  2. Join the resulting attachment table to the point feature class.
  3. Symbolize the points with a picture marker symbol and use attribute-driven symbology to point to the image data field in the joined table.

Also see 7:11 in the Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.7 video.

This is summarized in the what's new help as: