Option to Add New Feature to Current Map

04-15-2020 02:08 PM
Status: Implemented
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Whenever I create a new Feature Class using ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane, I want to add it to my current map right way. Could we have an option in the Create Feature Class Geoprocessing Pane to Add to Current Map?


Cathy, to clarify, you're not talking about adding the output of a geoprocessing tool automatically to the map? Because that can be done in the settings of ArcGIS Pro


Played around with it a bit more - it looks like if you right click a gdb in the Catalog pane and choose New -> Feature Class, it takes you to this pane, which does not put the output directly into the map even if that setting is checked.

However, if you use the "Create Feature Class" geoprocessing tool, and that setting is checked, it will add it directly to the map when the tool is complete.

Not sure why there are two separate interfaces for this, I would think accessing it through the Catalog pane would just open the geoprocessing tool. Interesting!


Hi Katherine,

Yes, that is true if using the Create Feature Class geoprocessing tool.  It works.

But if you right-click a geodatabase to create a new feature class, it opens the Create Feature Class wizard and there is not an option to have the resulting feature class added to the map.


Cool, so yeah I guess this "Idea" post would specifically be to add that functionality to the Create Feature Class Wizard. Thanks for verifying!  

Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

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