Add Map to KML/KMZ in ArcGIS Pro

06-12-2018 07:51 AM
Status: Implemented
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I have seen folks discuss this on other forums but have not seen it in IDEAS yet. Let's get the Map to KML tool into ArcGIS Pro already! It's a great tool for ArcMAP but would likely run quicker and be more efficient running 64-bit pro!


It looks like the documentation has been updated.  The current info is here Tools that are not available in ArcGIS Pro—Appendices | ArcGIS Desktop 

and in the update for ArcGIS Pro 2.2 I see this:


Yea, I was aware of this page. The point is that this tool should be incorporated into Pro. Converting layer by layer is unacceptable. There are map docs where we are creating KMZs out of that have over 50 layers in the table of contents. I don’t understand how ESRI hasn’t incorporated this into Pro. I mean, the layer package format was migrated. There isn’t much of a difference.


I have almost completely made the move over from using ArcMap to Arc Pro. The only thing I still use ArcMap for is the Map to KML tool, because the Layer to KML tool on ArcPro creates a file that is not compatible with my GPS, and also adding each layer one at a time is too time consuming, I would need to add the full layout created with ArcPro. Really hoping a tool like this is made soon.  


I would like to see this tool in ArcGIS Pro. I am very curious to see the file size difference between Pro and ArcMap. 

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@Kory,  beside this fact that I would also like to have Mp to KML, can you post a code sample to pull the layer from a map.  I have made KML by grouping layer, so this might be a work around??



This was an extremely helpful tool in ArcMap. Very disappointed it's not available in Pro! 

Status changed to: Implemented

This tool would be even more useful if there was an option to select the kind of image format that would be exported to the KML file. For example, being able to select a .jpg for the image used in the KML file, instead of .png. I know most Garmin, if not all, require the use of .jpg files in the KML file, so the map uploads properly in the Garmin (CustomMaps folder).


That sounds like maybe it could be its own standalone idea.


@KoryKramer I just posted it on there, thanks for the suggestion.