No Sample Sized Reached Error in ArcGIS Pro

01-08-2018 06:47 AM
Status: Implemented
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Currently in ArcGIS for Desktop, when your data has more than 10,000 records you receive the following error message letting you know that not all of your data is being displayed.

There is no such warning in ArcGIS Pro.  I could not figure out why Pro was not displaying my data like it was in Desktop.  I foolishly assumed that Pro did not have the 10,000 maximum sample size limit.  Please either increase the maximum limit, or at the very least provide a warning letting us know that not all of our data is being shown.



Since ArcMap and ArcPro work in the background to bring in the full attribute table, why can't the symbology module access the data that is already loaded into desktop's attribute table? 

If using the attribute table is not possible, we should be able to set the following settings in ArcPro Options::

1.  Set the data Sample Size in Options.  This would be a global change. 10,000 records as a default is a very small number. I usually set my sample size at 100,000,000 records.

2.  Allow us to set the size of point data and if it has the halo. Halo does not work with larger datasets.  At any significant extent, the data then all looks grey like the halo.

3.  The default in symbology is to show 6 decimal places.  This should also be in Options.

Set this in legend properties: False normalization.  That is if you have two different feature classes, and you want them to have the same scale, allow the user to put in the max value for the data.  So for instance, if you have one dataset that has a max value of 200 tons of fish and an another dataset with 2000 tons of fish, we need to be able set to the 200 tons dataset to a scale of 2000 tons in the legend (knowing that the software looks at the max value and divides that by two, and then puts that as the number in the legend). 

Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

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