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Add the ability to COGO polygons in ArcGIS Pro.

07-30-2020 06:41 AM
Status: Implemented
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I have transitioned every workflow over to arcGIS Pro except for parcel editing because of this. I understand that ESRI intends for users to use the parcel fabric in ArcGIS Pro. That being said, I have tried to make that transition twice now and given up both times. The documentation that is available on working within the parcel fabric is disorganized and incomplete in my opinion. I spent more time spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to correctly work in the fabric than I did actually doing the work. I like the idea of the parcel fabric, and will continue to try and transition to it over time, however it just isn't there for me yet.

I would love to be able to use our old workflow to COGO polygons directly into arcGIS Pro until we can successfully make the transition. The lack of this crucial feature is the only thing keeping me from making a full switch to Pro. I realize that there is a construct polygons from lines tool as well, however that is not the same. I do not see why I should need to manage a separate feature-class for the sole purpose of being a "middleman" feature class. The ability to COGO polygons was available in ArcMap. For  ArcGIS Pro to every be truly "equivalent" to ArcMap it needs to have the ability to COGO polygons. 


Have you looked at using the constraints to and other construction tools to COGO a polygon? 


I have. To my knowledge there is no way to fix misclosures when using constraints, however. 


Are you dealing with a polygon only parcel layer?


I am. 


Migrating polygons into the parcel fabric is not hard. That is the method I use. I have successfully migrated the parcels I maintain several times.

What steps are you taking to migrate the data?


I have successfully migrated our data into the parcel fabric as well. I have been testing out the fabric for the last week to see if it is something I could commit to using going forward. To be truthful, my experience with the fabric so far has just been confusing and I find it takes more steps than necessary to get what I am looking for. The documentation for the parcel fabric is disorganized and incomplete (in my opinion).I have struggled to replicate my basic workflows from ArcMap. I would love to take the ESRI class on the fabric, but there is simply no money in our budget to do so.  I prefer just being able to COGO in polygons just as we have been for many, many years in ArcMap. I am 100% certain that I could make the parcel fabric work for me if I had the time and resources to devote to learning it, unfortunately, I am a 1 man shop that is spread extremely thin and I do not have time to figure out the much more complex workflow on my own. I will likely revisit the parcel fabric later down the line once the product and documentation has (hopefully) matured and expanded, but until then I would really like to be able to replicate our tried and true ArcMap workflows in ArcGIS Pro. 

To clarify, I am not against the parcel fabric at all. In fact, I love the idea of it. The problem is that (at least to me) it has been extremely unintuitive to use and there isn't a lot of cohesive guidance on using it. All of ESRI's documentation acts under the assumption that your data is coming into the fabric with all the pre-populated information required to make it work as advertised, and that just isn't the case for us. That in addition to me struggling to figure out the correct workflows (and the lack of time to devote to figuring it out) just tells me that this isn't something in the cards for me right now. 

Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.7.

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