Performance Engineering: Load Testing ArcGIS Enterprise

06-21-2021 03:41 PM
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Performance Engineering: Load Testing ArcGIS Enterprise





What is Performance Engineering?

Performance Engineering is the practice of proactively testing, monitoring and analyzing an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment or application from the perspective of performance and/or scalability. It can also encompass both hardware (e.g. CPU and memory utilization) and software components (e.g. map service composition) of a Site. Performance Engineering efforts typically involve multiple tools to carry out the testing and monitoring functions.





Why is Performance and Scalability Important?

System performance and scalability are critical factors in the successful adoption, operation, and long-term use of an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.  They are often key determinants of end-user satisfaction.  The Performance Engineering team in Professional Services provides resources in the form of Community Articles to help achieve those results through the implementation of modern performance and scalability testing and troubleshooting best practices using ArcGIS Enterprise. 




What Tools are Recommended for Load Testing and Analysis?

There is a tremendous amount of high quality testing tools for troubleshooting, analyzing and monitoring the performance of web applications and map services. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cover all of them discussing how they can be used. Instead, Performance Engineering Articles will focus heavily on using Apache JMeter for our performance and load testing tutorials with ArcGIS Enterprise. For many of our Articles, we provide the Apache JMeter Test Plan that was built specifically for each walkthrough.



Performance Engineering Articles

Strategies, Integration & Configuration and Operational Support

Performance and Load Testing Walkthroughs

Administration Automation


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