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Let’s face it.  2020 has been far from a normal year.  We’ve all experienced things that previously were unfathomable… until they happened.  To place this story on the ArcGIS Pro release timeline, about a month after 2.5 was released, ArcGIS Pro development teams went into isolation.  Monitors, cables, peripherals, and plants were gathered and moved out of offices as team members transitioned into a work-from-home routine. 


This was very early in the development of ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and many of us were wondering how disruptive the coronavirus and the mandated stay-at-home orders would be to the release.  Would teams be able to accomplish their development goals or would they fall behind?  Would the number of customer requests making it into the release suffer?  In short, there were a lot of unknowns.


In what seemed extraordinary at the time, teams didn’t miss a beat.  Virtual scrums happened as normal, iterations stayed on schedule, holistic testing went virtual, and cross-team communication and collaboration thrived (I think people were lonely and looking for excuses to talk)!


In the end, not only did ArcGIS Pro 2.6 make it out the door on schedule, it is absolutely jam-packed with user requests both from ArcGIS Ideas and technical support, plus great new functionality, performance improvements, and important bug and quality fixes.


Without further ado, we proudly present your ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.


Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Video


Now if you’ve had an eye on some of our previous idea announcements (like Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 - That's Amore!Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, and Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.3) you’ve seen the long lists of individual ideas.  We like to provide the link to each idea, and if it is in the video, give the time marker to make it easier for you if you want to go to something specific.  But last week I held a virtual call with the 100 or so individual ideas that will be packing up and moving into ArcGIS Pro 2.6, and they said that they’ve had enough of being alone.  There was an overwhelming consensus from the participating ideas that they feel too isolated and would prefer to hang out with their friends.  After careful consideration and in strict adherence to the most up-to-date epidemiological guidelines, I’ve grouped ideas together into major functional areas.  As you can see, it is quite a large gathering! 



Voxels:  Create 3D Grids for visualizing isovolumes (2:56)

Change datasource in Pro /Need Ability to Replace Data Source for Multiple Layers (12:29)

ODBC Driver Support in Pro /Microsoft Access (.accdb) Support in ArcGIS Pro (12:54)

Graphics and free text in ArcGIS-Pro maps! (13:10)

ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap (14:10)

Add an autosave feature for ArcGIS Desktop. (14:34)



ArcGIS Pro 2.5: Is there any chance to enhance catching the edge of panes in order to resize them decently?

ArcGIS Pro - leverage roaming profile

Cancel Button for Loading Portal Locators in ArcGIS Pro

Middle mouse button should always have same functionality (panning)

ArcGIS Pro allow dragging from Favorites (1:19)

Make Measure Tool Dialog Box Movable (2:01)

Pro: Importing Styles should be permanent (12:00)


Mapping and visualization

Allow Clip to Graphic Extent to honor turned off layout items placed off layout page

Make Hyperlinks editable in the Pro Doc-Pop Configuration

Pro - allow paste to same location

Turn on/off Graphics to resolve slow printing problem

Global Option to Remove Group Headings in Legend (0:42)

Remember Symbology pane column widths (Value, and Label columns) in ArcGIS Pro (1:00)

Have ArcGIS Pro handle basemap citation like ArcGIS online does. (1:42)

Enable Metadata Functionality for Basemap Layers (4:04)

Export Map return to last location (4:20)

ArcGIS Pro Map Series printing (4:28)

Add hexagon shape to symbol patch options in Pro (5:41)

Arcgis Pro - Configure Pop-ups with Html code (6:04)

Show tiled service layer legend in Pro (6:31)

ArcGIS Pro - Enable time on WMS Layer (6:38)

Convert marker symbol to polygons (8:06)

Support for Neatlines in Pro (8:16)

Add Viewfield Angle parameter and View Settings window to ArcGIS Pro (ArcMap Equivalency) (8:23)

Label in center and surrounding zones (8:31)

ArcGIS Pro Reports- Charts and Graphs /ArcGIS Pro Report with Related Data (8:37)

Filter the Time Slider's Time Step intervals to only recognize the loaded Time enabled content. (8:54)

Add "Custom Overlay Grid" to the Layout options for Grids/Graticules in ArcGIS Pro (9:17)

Bookmarks for MapBook /Dynamic text for Spatial Bookmarks /3D Map Series (9:31)

Show printer margins in ArcGIS Pro map layout (9:43)

Bring to Front / Send to Back for Layouts in Pro (9:55)

ArcGIS Pro - default font (13:08)

Convert Map Annotations to Text in Pro (13:43)

Convert Labels to Map Annotation in ArcGIS Pro (14:01)



Make saving a model more user friendly

GPX to polyline and shp to GPX

Should have option to display disabled Python script parameters in ArcGIS Pro (1:13)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: It should be possible to to adjust mouse wheel sensitivity for z-value (1:29)

ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: Change color of Stereo Cursor (1:29)

ArcGIS Pro New Network Dataset Option (2:36)

ArcPro Vehicle Routing Problem Layer (2:42)

Add Tab Separated Format to Export Feature Attribute to ASCII (2:50)

XY to Line should be Table to Line (3:38)

Add XY Coordinates to Geotagged Photos to Points Attribute Table Automatically (3:58)

Field Calculator should replace highlighted text instead of adding to it (4:12)

Dark Theme for Jupyter Notebooks (4:57)

Bar Chart custom sort ArcGIS Pro (5:02)

Make ArcGIS Pro GeoProcessing dialog window scroll automatically (6:55)

Spider Diagrams (7:21)

Bring back "Intermediate Data" Option on Modelbuilder (7:30)

Allow to modify spatial reference property of Map/MapFrame (9:02)

Validate Join in ArcGIS Pro (11:49)


Data Management

Hide some but not all fields in an attribute table with Shift

Provide Units In Suggested Addresses

Enable 'Execution' options for Saved Attribute Rules

Structural Attachment 1:M relationships

Changing Edit Sketch Symbology in ArcGIS Pro? (0:25)

Pro Intersect Tool, use visible layers (0:35)

Bearing and Distance in Pro Measure Tool - DMS (1:49)

Bring back Validate Features in ArcGIS Pro (2:06)

Validate Topology Within Specified Area Pro (2:14)

For ArcGIS Pro geodatabase topology: Please allow ability to "Validate" topology directly from Catalog pane in the right click menu options for topology within a feature dataset. (2:24)

In ArcPro add a visual clue (*) to show the field is indexed (2:30)

Open ArcGIS Online item content page from Pro search results (3:14)

Open containing folder from Catalog pane in ArcGIS Pro (3:21)

Feature Class-M Editing in ArcGIS Pro (3:28)

Pro: Multiline Polygon Split Like Arc (3:46)

File Geodatabase Version Information in ArcPro (4:48)

Sort Parameters in Geodatabase Administration Screen in Pro (5:16)

Improving Attribute Table Manipulation in PRO (5:28)

Provide the ability to click features and obtain COGO measurements in ArcGIS Pro. (5:49)

Cul-de-sac tool for ArcGIS Pro (6:11)

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Pane - Show Attachment Count (6:24)

Add back to ArcPro the ability to step through vertices when editing (6:48)

Allow field name "sort ascending/descending" capability in ArcGIS Pro (7:10)

Make it possible to reproject a parcel fabric (7:42)

ArcGIS Pro delete map confirmation (7:59)

See ArcGIS Online Favorites in ArcGIS Pro (10:04)

ArcGIS Online Administrators See All Organization Data Through ArcPro (10:12)

Pro: The Portal Search UI needs some work... (10:22)

Searching AGOL Content from Pro Should Respect the Folder (10:30)

Allow for Searching & Viewing Content Based on Categories in Pro (10:42)

Improve how ArcGIS Pro displays ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise items in Catalog / All Portal / Search (10:42)

Search for items within a Group in ArcGIS Pro (10:42)

Pro: Set Portal Search Results to show correct number of items, allow same sort options as Arc,  and mimic AGOL search results (10:42)

When adding feature layer from AGOL into Pro, can we have 'My Organization' category available? (10:42)

Filter or sort for searching Portal contents (10:42)

ArcGIS Pro - Edit Session (11:26)

Add the 'Move to end of table' button in Pro (11:37)

Add Select by Attributes Tool to Attribute Table in ArcGIS Pro (11:43)

Add support for SQLite/SpatiaLite and PostGIS geodatabases (12:12)

GeoPackage direct editing in ArcGIS Pro (12:12)


So when you're able to upgrade and get into ArcGIS Pro 2.6, make sure to bring a mask and some hand sani, because it's pretty crowded in here!

In the months since Map Viewer Beta's initial release in November 2019, there have been a number of ArcGIS Ideas implemented in several of the subsequent updates. This post covers the implemented and partially implemented ideas in Map Viewer Beta from the second update through the July release. Thanks to those that submitted ideas, and as usual please let me know any feedback or questions in the comments below. 


February Update


Add support for ArcGIS Online stacked labels 

Support Multi-Line Labels Using Arcade in AGOL 

Scale-based symbology and labeling in AGOL 

Set Halo Color via Arcade Expressions 

Scale dependency Labels within an individual layer! 


February update resources:



gif showing new lines with Arcade

                                           GIF: Creating multi-line labels using Arcade


April Update


Projections in ArcGIS Online 

User Selectable Coordinate Systems in AGX Online 

Provide basemaps in ArcGIS Online that can be used for the North Pole. 

Reference scale in JavaScript API 


April update resources:



July Update


Group layers for ArcGIS online 

Web Maps - labelling count of clustered features 

Generate different label styles/colors based on different attribute value in ArcGIS Online. 


July update ArcGIS Blog posts:



demonstrating group layers in map viewer beta

                                             GIF: Grouping layers in the Table of Contents




Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise Map Viewer Beta GeoNet space to ask questions and provide feedback. Don't hesitate to drop any feedback or comments below as well. Thanks again for the valuable feedback submitted to ArcGIS Ideas, and please keep letting us know what you want to see in the future. 

You may have noticed that ArcGIS Online updated recently! There are a lot of ArcGIS Ideas that were implemented in this release. Check out the list below:


New home page


You can now create a responsive, modern landing page for your ArcGIS Online organization that showcases content important to your community and looks great across different devices. Learn more here


Scrolling down the new ArcGIS Online home page


Implemented Ideas:


Featured Content 

More pre-cooked options available for ArcGIS Online home page. 

ArcGIS Online Organization Description Section Background Fill 


Partially Implemented Ideas:


Fully Custom ArcGIS Online Homepage 

AGOL Home Page item limit 

Portal Home Page Design Flexibility 



Administrative Reports - Members and Items


You can now export reports of items and members in your ArcGIS Online organization. More information on the new reports are here



Implemented Ideas:


Export list of ArcGIS Online Users to Excel 


Partially Implemented Ideas:


Create Detailed AGOL Usage Report for Every Item 

ArcGIS Online Export of App and Content Reports 

AGOL Report-Detailed List of created maps, apps, dashboards etc. 

AGOL Content Reporting Tool 


New Login Options


Administrators can now set up organization-specific logins with OpenID Connect


Partially Implemented Ideas:


Connect & Login using OpenID, Facebook, Twitter 

Use Open Identity Exchange (OIX) for security login 




You can now create webhooks on hosted feature services in ArcGIS Online. This documentation page goes over exactly how to configure them from the Rest endpoint of your hosted feature service. 


Implemented Ideas:




Partially Implemented Ideas:


Extend Webhooks also for features in the Enterprise portal/ArcGIS Online 


ArcGIS Notebooks


ArcGIS Notebooks, out of beta at the June update, enables using and sharing custom analysis workflows in ArcGIS Online. 


Partially Implemented Ideas:


Ability to add geoprocessing services in ArcGIS Online 


Category Gallery Configurable App


As part of the updates to Category Gallery, selected filters and categories in the filter pane populate the URL as parameters, enabling sharing the exact gallery state via URL. Learn more about updates to Category Gallery, as well as the other Configurable App updates in Matthew Payne's recent blog post. 


Partially Implemented Ideas:


Make Category Gallery more configurable 


Don't forget to check out the What's New Blog and What's new—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation. Thanks again for the valuable ideas contributed to the ArcGIS Online community. 

I spend a considerable amount of time reviewing ideas on the ArcGIS Ideas site and I thought that it might be helpful to share some tips and best practices on how to craft an excellent idea.  I like to use analogies when I write, I suppose in hopes of making stuff more digestible.  Maybe I was hungry when I had this inspiration, because it occurred to me that putting together an excellent idea is pretty much like wrapping a burrito.


Summary for those more into take-out rather than the sit-down meal:

Creating an Idea is like wrapping a burrito - start from the bottom up!


Category = Tortilla  Be thoughtful and choose your Category first.  It is the Idea’s foundation.  An idea without a category is like a burrito without a tortilla – just a bunch of stuff on a plate.


Tags = Meat/Protein  You should be able to add at least two meaningful tags – one related to the area of focus in the application (e.g. Settings, Map Viewer, Attribute Table), and the other related to the requested functionality.


Body = Fillings and Salsa  This is your opportunity to provide context.  In addition to detailing what you’d like to see, describing your workflow and positioning the request in that context helps product teams understand why developing this idea would be a beneficial investment of limited development resources.  Specific and descriptive wording is great.  Including screenshots is encouraged.  Gifs or videos are the best!


Title = The burrito’s name  Since you started from the bottom up, you’ll know exactly what product the idea applies to, the part of the application and requested functionality is clear and concise, and you’ve provided specifics in the description.  This makes it easy to write a great title and post your excellent idea.

Now stay with me on this.  When we talk about a burrito, we tend to jump straight to the fillings and the toppings.  Like a chicken, cheese, and bean burrito with extra sour cream and guacamole.  Yum!  Or a seared steak burrito with roasted poblano pepper, covered in melted pepper jack cheese and garnished with fresh pico de gallo.  Qué rico!  What’s missing in these awesome, and delicious-sounding descriptions, though?  That’s right, the tortilla!  Dónde está la tortilla?


Let’s take a walk through the idea submission process.  We are first asked for a title.  So, I suppose we all feel the need to dive right in by authoring the title.  I’ll argue that doesn’t make the most sense, because we haven’t taken the time to really let the idea marinate.  Let yourself go just a little bit loco and leave the title blank…

Idea Title

Next we are presented with the body of the idea where we’re prompted to add some persuasive details.


This is good as it means we should take time to clearly articulate the idea.  Humor me, though, and leave the body alone.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

Idea Body

Next come the tags:

Idea Tags

Just like it says, tags will make the idea easier to find.  Community members may be looking for ideas about editing, or navigation, and ArcGIS product teams rely on tags to research what users are asking for.  So not adding tags is just, well… Anyways, let’s leave them blank and move on.


Finally, we come to categories:

Idea Categories

Since categories are the last thing, they just can’t be important, right?  I mean, we filled in the requisite title and wrote a description.  That’s gotta be enough, no?  Falso! 


Now that we’ve laid out the elements of an excellent idea, it’s time to bring this thing together. 

Here’s the trick, the real magic.  Ready?  Brace yourself for this radical concept.


Take the four key ingredients:

1. Title --> 2. Body --> 3. Tags --> 4. Category


And flip them around to start building your idea from the bottom up:


1. Category --> 2. Tags --> 3. Body --> 4. Title


1. The Category is your idea’s tortilla. This is the most important part of your idea. Why?  Because if you do not choose a category, it is possible that the right product team will never see it.  Yup, it could be brilliant, something that everybody needs.  But the team that can make it happen will never see it.  I’ve read ideas before where I honestly have not been able to determine whether the request was for Collector, ArcGIS Online, or ArcGIS Pro.  So leaving the category blank is bad.


Just as bad, however, is doing something crazy like checking all the Categories:

All Idea Categories checked

Because really, have you ever tried wrapping a burrito in 39 tortillas? That thing might appear inedible and be ignored for a better-balanced, more palatable option.

“Hold up there, hoss. I have an idea that legitimately spans more than one category. What d’ya reckon I do?” you ask.Funny Taco


Fair question. I used to go to a place in college that made funny tacos (I won’t include a link because I want you to stay focused, but if you ever find yourself in Kalamazoo, MI, look up Taco Bob’s). The fillings were held in a classic crunchy taco shell wrapped in a warm soft tortilla with nacho cheese spread between. These things were the bomb! So, can it be done? Sure! Does it take some design? Absolutely! Just be judicious and note that we now have a taco rather than a burrito.


2. The Tags are the description of your idea’s key ingredients and help others find your idea. This goes for both community members as well as for product teams. Try to think of one tag that describes the part of the application where you want to see an improvement, like “symbology pane.”  And try to provide at least one more tag describing the functionality you’re looking for, like “transparency.”  Taking a minute to think about how you would tag your idea will help articulate a descriptive and meaningful title, ultimately making your idea more powerful!


3. The Body is like all the other great stuff in the burrito - the fillings, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo. This is where you can bring the idea to life. In addition to detailing what you’d like to see, describing your workflow and positioning the request in that context helps product teams understand why developing this idea would be a beneficial investment of limited development resources.  Specific and descriptive wording is great.  Including screenshots is encouraged.  Gifs or videos are the best!  Your goal here is to provide the reader with an unambiguous understanding of what is being requested.  Create a hunger for the requested functionality that nothing short of its implementation could satiate.


4. The Title comes last because we can’t adequately name the burrito until it has been built. I noted that spending a minute on tags will set you up quite nicely for a great title. The title should include the area of focus in the application (attribute table vs. attribute pane) and the functionality requested.  Think carefully about keywords.  How will other community members find your idea when searching so that they can support it as well?  While it may be tempting to shortchange the title, knowing that your description is rock-solid, remember that other community members may not find your idea without a clear title.


While creative, here are some examples of poor burrito names:


The Geisha’s Kiss, The Original Hollenbeck and The WV Hot Rod


What’s in these?  No clue.


Whereas here are some burrito names that provide me with an understanding of what I’ll find inside, should I care to more fully investigate the fillings:


The Cap’N Crunch-Crusted Tilapia Burrito, The Wet Vegetarian Burrito, and The Pig Bomber


In conclusion, if you’ve never posted an idea on ArcGIS Ideas, I hope that this has whetted your appetite.  And for anybody who has a great idea to make ArcGIS work better for you, I trust you’ll take my challenge of building your idea from the bottom up.  That’s a wrap!

Last week, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 was released, bringing a number of exciting and new features. I want to take a moment to spotlight some this great new functionality which was requested right here in ArcGIS Ideas!


Native Support for Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)  

We’ve heard this request asked around for a while, and I’m happy to share that the use of Group Managed Service Accounts is now supported directly in the software. Previously, this workflow was only achievable using PowerShell, but is now possible to configure much more simply. Some documentation on how to do this can be found here (for ArcGIS Server), here (for Portal for ArcGIS), and also here (for the ArcGIS Data Store).


ArcGIS Enterprise Website Maintenance Mode  

 At 10.8, it is now possible to place ArcGIS Enterprise in a read-only mode through the portal. Doing this does not prevent access to the portal, but it does prevent actions such as the creation, modification, or deletion of content and settings. You can set a custom message to display to users if they try to create, modify or delete any content while the system is in read-only mode. This can be a very helpful feature to leverage when making system updates and upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise, to prevent downtime and data loss. For information on how to enable this mode, check out our documentation on the topic. 

An example of setting ArcGIS Enterprise to read-only mode (Source: What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 Blog)


How do I add a disclaimer to my portal?  

This post on GeoNet, while not technically an idea, is worth calling out because the functionality being requested here has been addressed thanks the new access notice feature within the Enterprise portal. Using an access notice, it is possible to provide a notice of terms that will be displayed to all users who access your Enterprise portal. For some more information on configuring an access notice, check out the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation.

Example Access notice (Source: What’s New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 Blog)


Customize banner color in the Enterprise portal OR ArcGIS Online  

With the addition of the information banner to ArcGIS Enterprise, it is now easy to configure a custom banner which appears at the top and bottom of your site for users to see. This can also be combined with the new access notice to ensure that information can be easily delivered. Some information on the information banner can be found in the ArcGIS Enterprise documentation.

An example showing the creation of an information banner in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8



Proxy Login for Collaboration on Referenced Items                        

As the documentation says, “Starting at 10.8 you can now elect to save credentials for all service items that are shared by reference in a collaboration. The credentials are entered on the sending portal and are applied to services that shared with collaborating portals.” There are a few considerations in play, but this enhancement should be a helpful addition for those who are currently using distributed collaboration and are sharing items by reference.


Portal Department Field - My Organization  

This idea is asking for the ability to easily filter members based on what department they are in, to make administrative workflows easier. At 10.8, we have brought this functionality into ArcGIS Enterprise with administrative groups and group filtering! It is now possible to apply a filter on your member list based on groups within your organization. By adding your members to groups based on their departments, region, office, or more, it is easy to filter by the corresponding group. 

An example of filtering organization members by group


Offline map area size needs to be customized  

This idea has been implemented with the introduction of offline map areas. When preparing web maps intended for offline use, it is now possible to freeform define the area of data that should be included in the map when users take it offline. Some documentation on how to configure this can be found here.


GeoJSON output format for WFS GetFeature request  

This idea has been fully implemented with the 10.8 release! For some background information, the ability to output in the GeoJSON format was first introduced in 10.5.1. The output was based on the original community specification for GeoJSON. Since then, GeoJSON was formally standardized under IETF as RFC7946 which changed the format ever-so-slightly. With 10.8 it is now possible to request output in the RFC-compliant format as well as the original specification format. It is now also possible to use WFS GetFeature requests to output GeoJSON which is compliant with RFC7946. 


UPDATE:User Type Change needs to be a privilege, not just admin capability. 

This idea missed our review at first, but I'm also happy to share that it has been implemented at 10.8! With the 10.8 release, it is possible to create a custom role which has the ability to change user types, roles, and licenses in the Enterprise portal.   


The following idea has been marked as partially implemented:


Add support for Interval Queries on layers with data hosted in a spatiotemporal big data store   

This idea is asking for time-based interval queries (e.g. "In the last x days...") to be supported for layers with data hosted in the spatiotemporal big data store. We've implemented this, but there are still areas where these query options do not appear, such as in the Map Viewer. We've marked this idea as partially implemented until these query options are possible in the Map Viewer, which will be in a future release.


And lastly, we have placed the following idea under consideration:


Extend Webhooks also for features in the Enterprise portal/ArcGIS Online  

 This great idea is asking for webhooks to also notify about changes made to features in ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, such as when features are created, updated, or deleted. Please feel free to add more comments to this idea, and share how this functionality would be useful in your workflows.


 As always, there are some great blogs and documentation to help guide you through the new functionality in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8, so please check them out. Here at Esri, your voice matters, and we're so grateful that our user community has continued to share their excellent feedback through ArcGIS Ideas. Keep posting your great suggestions and let us hear your needs! 

It’s February and you know what that means?!  That’s right – it’s the month of love when many people will celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing their love for one another.  Some do it with chocolate, others prefer jewelry, some will give flowers, and still others write poetry. 


I was listening to my lovefest playlist and That’s Amore started playing.  You know, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore…”?  Yup, that one!


When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine…

Wait for it…
That's amore!


And I kid you not, I was working in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 with the newly added pie chart functionality.  And I had just hit Ctrl+F to find something in the attribute table (which incidentally I had opened and Pro remembered where I like having my table opened), and, and, and, I realized that sharing all of the Ideas that you’ve posted that are delivered in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 would be the perfect way for me to show my feelings.  So I made the following video for you.  I hope you like it xoxo



We know that equivalency is important to ArcMap users and it is important to us.  We hear you.  More than half of the things on this list bring familiar functionality into ArcGIS Pro that will make your work easier.  And don’t overlook the super cool things that are brand new to Pro like the ability to quickly find where a domain is used, schedule when geoprocessing tools run, and so much more!


Here’s the list of ideas that you’ll find in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 (along with where they are in the video):


Editing Alias for System Generated Fields in Field Designer (0:22)

Add the ability to transfer field domain descriptions to the Feature Class to Geodatabase tool (0:29)

Service Area Polygon Options (0:34)

Sub tools for parcel builds

ArcGIS Pro could read Excel files when Office 64-bit is installed

Display more information for shapefile’s/layer’s coordinate system properties in ArcGIS Pro

Sort table names in "Edit Query Layer" dialog in Pro (0:41)

Add a warning message to ArcPro Attribute Rules view (0:47)

Printing from ArcGIS Pro (0:52)

When Copying Features from one Feature Class to Another, have 'Keep source attribute values' Option Checked ON by Default (0:59)

Add line numbers in the Arcade expression builder window (1:05)

Arcade functions for Utility Network associations

ArcPro 2.4.2 - Black Text on Dark Grey Background (1:13)

Bring production printing to ArcGIS Pro including spot colors (1:18)

Don't Add .z Automatically When Exporting an XML Workspace

Address Locator Creation with Hosted Feature Layers (1:25)

Have the Create Locator tool honor definition queries or selections

Overwrite geocoding services through ArcGIS Pro (1:37)

ArcGIS Pro - Change Label in Table of Contents (1:43)

ArcGIS Pro UI symbology improvement (1:50)

Tool for creating network datasets (1:59)

Hyperlinks in tables (2:09)

Copy Parallel with attributes in ArcGIS Pro (2:24)

Add Editor Tracking to Dataset Properties (2:29)

Allow user to navigate the map while Version Changes window is open. (2:37)

Map zoom disabled with Map Series (2:47)

Add "pan to the current feature and flash it" to ArcGIS Pro. (2:59)

Tangent Spiral Curves in Parcel Fabric (3:08)

Relates in ArcGIS Pro does not work with database-tables or database-views directly (3:19)

Pro - Make print and export processes run in background

Map Service Enhancements on ArcGIS Pro (3:41)

Pro: Add Calculate Cache Size to sharing dialogue (3:43)

Please add the ability to adjust the pooling (number of instances) of a service shared from the share pane in ArcGIS Pro. (3:45)

Choose Coordinate Format when Calculating Coordinates in ArcGIS Pro (4:00)

Graphic Element Edit Vertices Enhancement (4:07)

Go to folder by first letter in ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane

Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog Panel to delete MXD's (4:20)

Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog Panel to delete CSV/TXT/XML files (4:22)

Set view/camera position and projection in ArcGIS Pro (4:29)

Pro: Allow importing schema from non GDB items....Like Arc..... (4:46)

Fix Color Rendering on Screen (4:54)

Pro: Attachments should display in Pop Up as in Arc (4:59)

Catalog View in ArcGIS Pro Identify Tool (5:09)

In Arcgis Pro, add setting to hide 'Delete Field' button on attribute tables (5:18)

Provide support for overlapping polygon zones in the Zonal tools (5:22)

ArcPro: export model as image (5:33)

Maintain attachments and relationship classes when using the Project tool (5:38)

ArcGIS Pro support for importing and exporting traverse files (5:43)

Need a Domain Manager (5:50)

ArcGIS Pro: Add universal copy & paste like in ArcGIS Desktop Catalog & Map

Add Address Inspector tool to ArcGIS Pro (6:06)

Lock labels in ArcPro (6:12)

Allow Layout Gallery of ArcGIS Pro to have custom page sizes added to it (6:20)

ArcGIS Pro needs Match Symbols to Style (6:39)

Allow to change the map extent in ArcGIS Pro (6:49)

Add Mirror Tool in Pro (6:55)

“Undo” Feature Service Edits in ArcGIS Pro (7:11)

Pro: Bring back the Manage Replicas tool (7:27)

Sort / Order Datasets in ArcGIS Pro Catalog Pane (7:46)

Add pie charts to ArcGIS Pro symbology (7:52)

Improve Pie Chart and Bar Chart Symbology Renderers (7:54)

Model Builder/ Tool Scheduler and Notification. (8:10)

Add 'Freeze attribute column' to ArcPro (8:24)

Disable Field sort hold in ArcGIS Pro Attribute Table while editing

Stop the ArcGIS Pro table view jumping around when I calculate attributes

Pro: Arrange Tables Functionality (Like Arc) (8:32)

ArcGIS Pro:  Remember Attribute Table Location (9:06)

Why not to have the “Find and replace” tool in the “interface” of the attribute table?

Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view! (9:08)


ArcGIS Pro 2.5 is hot out of the oven and there’s something special in it just for you.  Grab a slice, but blow on it first so that you don’t burn the roof of your mouth.


Buon appetito!

You may have heard that Map Viewer Beta released on November 19! This post showcases some of the great ideas that were included in the initial release. Many more ideas will be implemented in future releases - functionality in the pipeline is listed on the Map Viewer Beta Road Map


The following ideas have been marked as implemented:


1. Show attachments in ArcGIS Online pop-up window 

It is now out-of-the-box functionality to display photo attachments directly in pop-ups. Attachments can be displayed as large images in the pop-up as a gallery or included as links with a small preview in list format. When creating an app from the map, choose an app built on the 4.x ArcGIS API for JavaScript to see gallery-style pop-ups. 



2. Improve available default Map Layouts for Printing in ArcGIS Online 

There are now more options when printing a Web Map. Among these are more default layouts and output format choices, as well as the capability of setting a precise scale and DPI when printing.


GIF of printing improvements in Map Viewer Beta


3. Auto-size/Customize width of map popups 

Pop-ups now automatically resize themselves to fit the content and map where they are displayed. No longer are lengthy field aliases truncated and data hidden in pop-up windows. 



4. Dot Density Map in AGOL 

It is now possible to compare raw-value attributes with this popular cartographic style. In a Dot Density Map, each dot represents the same quantity of your data (418 people, in the below example), and different color dots represent different categories. It's a compelling way to visualize data for geographically distinct areas such as counties. 


Dot density map example


5. Map Rotation In ArcGIS Online 

The functionality now exists to rotate any direction from north. In Map Viewer Beta, just right click on the map and move the mouse. This will rotate the map. Use this to make streets appear perpendicular to the web map or app layout, no matter what direction they are facing (cough cough Toronto). 


Web Map Rotation


6. Layer Order - ArcGIS Online 

You now have the freedom to order layers in your map any way you want, regardless of their type. Map Image Layers, Tile Layers, and Feature Collections may now be moved on top of Feature Layers and vice versa. 


7. Reorder bookmarks in map viewer 

Functionality has been added to change the order of bookmarks in the redesigned bookmarks panel. Just drag and drop the bookmarks in the order you want your audience to see them.


reordering bookmarks


The following idea has been marked as partially implemented:


1. Movable popup window in ArcGis Online 

Sometimes pop-ups are in the way of features that should be visible. With Map Viewer Beta, you can now dock the pop-up to the side of the map, out of the way of features. When testing this feature out, we found that there was no good place to move a pop-up to, so our design now implements a consistent placement of the pop-up away from the initial feature. Also, the browser remembers if you docked the pop up and will reopen the maps with the pop-up in the same location for the same map when opened in the future.


docking a pop up


Notable idea that didn't make it into the first release:


1. Group layers for ArcGIS online 

We wanted to mention this as it is the most up-voted idea in all of ArcGIS Ideas. It may seem like an elephant in the blog as this isn’t on the initial release; this functionality is in the pipeline for the first half of 2020, but has some compatibility issues with existing apps. We are working hard to provide support for this across the ArcGIS Platform and will make it available once it can be consumed by ArcGIS Apps.


To learn more about Map Viewer Beta be sure to check out the GeoNet space. There are tutorials, a road map of what's coming, a functionality matrix, and forums to discuss the product and share your opinion. Thank you for your engagement and valuable feedback provided to ArcGIS Ideas. Please keep letting us know your ideas, and we hope you like the first release of Map Viewer Beta!

You might have heard that ArcGIS Online just released its latest update! This post highlights some of the user community's great Ideas that have made their way into the product. 


The following ideas have been marked as implemented:


1. Photo App for Survey123 / Collector 

    Attachment Viewer App: Explore multiple feature layers 

In the Attachment Viewer Web Application it is now possible to toggle between two layers in the Web Map to view attachments from each layer. This enables straightforward viewing of images from multiple data collection sources in a single, integrated app. More information on what's new in the Attachment Viewer App can be found in this blog post. 




2. Overwrite existing Tile Layer Service on ArcGIS Online 

You can now update Vector Tile layers without affecting existing styles or modifying item IDs. You have the option to automatically create a historical archived layer with the old data. Here is a blog post on the functionality and the full documentation about the workflow is here




3. Feature Search in Scene Viewer should support Group Layers 

In Web Scenes, you can now configure layers that are part of a group layer as search layers in the Feature Search options. You can learn about other updates to the scene viewer in this blog




We also had some ideas for Web AppBuilder which have been implemented at this release:


1. Pass variable via URL Parameter to an editable layer in Smart Editor 

2. Add the ability to turn on layers or apply a filter through a URL parameter 

3. Public Notification Widget - Add field name row to CSV Output 


Visit the What's new in Web AppBuilder documentation page for more information on these and other Web AppBuilder updates.


To learn more about what else is new in the October 2019 ArcGIS Online Update, check out this blog as well as our What's new documentation. Thank you for your engagement with and all the valuable feedback provided to ArcGIS Ideas. Please keep letting us know your ideas, and we hope you enjoy the latest update to ArcGIS Online!

...and it's that time again when I have the pleasure of sharing the work that the ArcGIS Pro team did to listen and respond to requests on the ArcGIS Ideas site.


ArcGIS Pro 2.4 includes more than 60 features that were submitted as Ideas, so when you update, look for the following:

That's a big burrito that took some special folding to squeeze into the ten-minute sized tortilla!  For those who enjoy opening up your burritos and picking out individual tidbits, I've tried to make that easier for you.


Port "Identify Route Locations" and "Set From/To" Linear Referencing Tools from ArcGIS 10.x to ArcGIS Pro (0:24)
ArcGIS Pro set a border buffer (gap) amount for text boxes and legends (0:30)
Parcel Fabric Plans Table: Lock System Default Plan (0:37)
Parcel Fabric: Consider Adding Survey Type (0:47)
Cadastral Benchmark-PID Tie in tools
Expand classification options in Data Clock, ArcGIS Pro (1:01)
Display selected parcels in Attributes window when selecting parcels from Plan Directory (1:05)
Enter Coordinates in Parcel Fabric (1:09)
ArcGIS Pro - Highlight Edit tab if unsaved Edits (1:16)
Create non-feature linked annotation for selected features in ArcGIS Pro (1:20)
ArcGIS Pro Editing Hotkey Functionality - "A" for add/insert vertex (1:39)
Stop the auto resizing of the Value dropdown lists in the Definition Query dialog (1:50)
Display full name of attribute table when hovered over (2:01)
Pro: Enable ability to copy field name when source is a hosted feature service (2:06)
Improve Python Window interaction with Feature Layers (2:23)
ArcGIS Pro - specify CSV file input field definitions (2:26)
Pro: Fix Task Bar Icon So It Correctly Displays Project Name...Like Arc (2:34)
Enhancements to the "Label Priority Ranking" dialog of Maplex (2:38)
Pro: Retain field visibility after table join (2:45)
Create a Geoprocessing tool to Load Control Points into a Parcel Fabric. (3:03)
Enhancement to the "Label Weight Ranking" dialog (3:06)
Ability to change reference scale once Dimension Feature has been created. (3:15)
Copy/Paste from Popup ArcPro Window. (3:23)
ArcGIS Pro could use existing field names (3:30)
Support for PostgreSQL 11 (3:38)
Geoprocessing History to Model Builder or Task (3:42)
Change Expression Parsers Within Python
ArcGIS Pro SQL query builder - UI issues (3:47)
Pro: Custom Sort should honor resizing attribute field widths (3:57)
Pro: Merge should honor domain assignments (as Arc does) (4:19)
Pro: Ctrl+Click/drag to duplicate layer in TOC (4:52)
Allow Deleting Multiple Bookmarks at Once (5:01)
Add go to row functionality in ArcGIS Pro Table View (5:12)
Changing Default Location for newly added Layer Package files (5:20)
Digitize Curve Parcel Fabric (5:31)
ArcGIS Pro Version Changes Dialog - add select option (5:38)
Set Coordinates in Export to CAD tool (5:42)
ArcGIS Pro Results in Unsupported Renderer Error When Publishing Categorized Data (5:46)
Import/Export custom toolbar (6:01)
ArcSDE connection on the fly Python (6:07)
Allow ArcGIS Pro Catalog pane to copy/paste toolboxes (6:11)
Calculate Volumes of Rock Piles (6:15)
Make Copy/Paste of Table View Field Values in Pro the same as ArcMap (6:37)
ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Modification (6:42)
ArcGIS Pro: Editing Tool - Intersection Tool - Create vertex at intersection of two lines where they would meet (6:49)
Let Network Analyst use GTFS public transit data (7:02)
Preview python equivalent of Modelbuilder (7:10)
Fix Duplicate Parcel to Preserve Line Points (7:19)
Parcel Namer Snake PIN Tool for non Parcel Fabric Dataset polygons (7:22)
Convert Labels to Annotation Functionality Similar to ArcMap (7:35)
Exporting PNG image with background transparency from ArcGIS Pro (7:42)
Add Attribute Transfer Tool to Pro at 2.2.1 (7:50)
Reference grids/graticules should be accessible to ArcPy.Mapping (8:09)
ArcGIS Pro: Tables - Enter to go to Next Row (8:16)
Expose the ArcMap layer properties through ArcPy. (8:34)
Export/Import Bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro (8:47)
Generalize Vector Data on Export Settings (8:52)
Add the ability to edit pixel values in a raster dataset (8:59)
Attribute Rules for File Geodatabase (9:09)
Add Export Model to Python Script back to ArcGIS Pro (9:23)

ArcGIS Pro Publish Services To ArcGIS Server

Branch versioning needs a Version changes button

Fix the ArcGIS "Query Layer" framework and make it scalable to ultra large databases. 

Plus Pro: Keyboard shortcuts poster (Enhancement) which can be found here.


So make sure you've got both hands free, grab yourself an update to ArcGIS Pro 2.4, pour your favorite beverage, and dig in.


Find out more about everything that's new: What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.4


Buen provecho!

Have you heard? ArcGIS Online just released its latest update! I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the great ideas which came from our user community on ArcGIS Ideas, which have made their way into the product.


The following ideas have been marked as implemented:


  1. Administrate ArcGIS Online by Group

This idea is asking for the ability to have administrative privileges over certain groups of people in an organization, but not others. Administrative groups are a great new capability which allows for this additional level of control for organizations, especially when coupled with new improvements to member filtering and searching capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this blog which provides a great overview.


  1. Make ArcGIS Online Group-building easier

The latest update to ArcGIS Online has greatly improved the experience when building and managing groups, especially when working with large numbers of users. It is now possible to select multiple users in a list when inviting, and it is also easier to invite users to a group from the Organization’s Members list.


  1. Ability to add content to group from group page

Along with the other improvements made to groups, it is possible to add content to groups directly from the group page, which is what this idea was requesting. We’ve added this “Add Item to Group” button as seen below which can be used to accomplish this:

The "Add Item to Group" button allows users to directly add content to their groups from the group page


  1. Ability to assign a credit budget to a Group of people who belong to a specific office or division within my Organization

When undergoing the manage budget workflow, it is possible to manage your users based on which group they belong to, so that everybody in a single group can have the same credit allotment for example. Below is a screenshot of the "Manage Budget" panel where a group can be selected, and its group members are populated in the Member list:

Selecting a group in the "Manage Budget" panel allows you to configure certain credit allotments to specified group members.

  1. Create an option for ArcGIS Online administrators to allocate licenses by default

New in ArcGIS Online is the ability to configure new member defaults, which will allow for administrators to allocate licenses to new users automatically. Beyond just allocating licenses, new users can be automatically added to specified groups, granted a defined amount of credits, and more. Below is a screenshot of what the current "New Member Defaults" panel looks like:

The "New Member Defaults" panel, which allows administrators to specify certain user types, licenses, groups, credits and more for all new members.


  1. Allow adding of vector tile layer into Basemap widget

This request for the Web AppBuilder is also now possible. If your Organization has enabled the use of vector tile basemaps in the default basemap gallery, then these vector tile layers can be selected through the basemap widget in the Web AppBuilder. Some more information on accomplishing this can be found in the following article: How To: Add Esri vector basemaps to the default basemap gallery in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS


The following ideas have been marked as partially implemented:


  1. Group Member Management

Searching for users in the organization has seen some improvements so that it can better return partial results, which was one of the requests of this idea. We are marking this idea as partially implemented because of this.


  1. Vector Tile Style per Portal/AGOL layer instead of per service

This request is asking for the ability to customize the style of vector tile layers, which can be stored as individual layer items. It also asks that a style editing application should be integrated into ArcGIS Online (and the ArcGIS Enterprise portal). With the latest release of ArcGIS Online, it is now possible to customize vector tile layer styles directly in the map viewer, which can be saved as new layer items in your organization. Until this functionality makes its way into ArcGIS Enterprise, we will be marking this idea as partially implemented.


To learn more about the new functionality in the June 2019 update of ArcGIS Online, we have some helpful blogs and documentation for you to check out. Thank you all for your involvement in ArcGIS Ideas, and your valuable feedback. Please continue sharing your great ideas with us, and we hope you enjoy the latest update to ArcGIS Online!

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 was released to the public on March 21st and contains an abundance of new features, many of which were requested by our community on ArcGIS Ideas! This makes for a great moment to spotlight a selection of excellent ideas which came from our user community, and those that were implemented in the latest release.


 The following ideas have been marked as implemented:


  1. Functional levels in AGO

This is one of the bigger updates delivered with 10.7, and a big request from the user community. Beginning at 10.7, there is a new licensing model for ArcGIS Enterprise users. This user type model was first introduced in ArcGIS Online, and can be considered fully implemented across the platform now that it has rolled out to ArcGIS Enterprise.


  1. View Portal users by Level

As part of the updates to the ArcGIS Enterprise portal to support user types, we have also taken the opportunity to make some improvements to administrative workflows. Among these improvements is the ability to filter users based on their user type (and/or role!), making them easier to manage:

Viewing portal users based on their user type


  1. Please make the AGOL & Portal user interface “My Organization” page consistent

At 10.6.1 and 10.7, the ArcGIS Enterprise portal has received quite an upgrade! This brings the user experience (especially for administrators) quite close to ArcGIS Online, save for a few things that are ArcGIS Online-centric such as credits. Which leads us to a similar idea…  


  1. Information about expiration of subscription in Portal for ArcGIS

At 10.7, you can now view the date each user type expires, an improvement that many of you administrators may appreciate. Keep the feedback coming on ArcGIS Ideas for any other ways that the ArcGIS Enterprise portal could be improved for your workflows!

License expiration is now visible in the Enterprise portal!


  1. Filter Living Atlas Content in Portal
  2. Remove Living Atlas content from My Organization's Featured Content

Continuing with enhancements to the Enterprise portal experience, 10.7 also improves how Living Atlas items are managed and filtered, namely so you can better segment what data is created by your organization compared to data provided through Living Atlas. These two ideas (5 and 6) were very similar, and both were implemented at 10.7:

Living Atlas of the World content in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7


  1. New Tools in GeoAnalytics Toolbox beyond ArcGIS Pro 2.1?

Ok, so this one is not an official Idea post but it was discussed on GeoNet and is now implemented, so it’s good enough for me! Through user feedback such as this discussion in GeoNet, we have now brought classic GIS tools like Merge, Dissolve, and Clip with ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server 10.7:

New tools added to GeoAnalytics Server at 10.7


  1. Certify Oracle / 18c for use with ArcGIS 10.6.1

With ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, we will be officially supporting use with Oracle 18c! If you have ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, you can also take advantage of Oracle 18c by applying a patch which was recently released.


  1. Included SHAPE and SHAPE.LEN SHAPE.AREA Fields in ArcGIS Server Feature Services

 This much-requested feature was implemented in 10.7. As our documentation puts it: “when you publish feature layers from ArcGIS Pro to one of your portal's federated servers, line and polygon feature layers now expose the geodatabase-maintained area and length fields—shape_area and shape_length respectively.”

Shape fields are now visible when publishing hosted feature layers.


  1. Add support for First Name, Last Name mapping with ADFS integration

The inability to fully support First and Last name mappings when using SAML IDPs was considered a bug, and has been addressed in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.


We have put these ideas in the product plan:


  1. User privileges ArcGIS Portal

This idea is asking for a way for separate types of Administrative roles between system and content-based workflows. It’s a great idea which we are actively working on for the upcoming ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 release.


  1. Create and Maintain a Docker Container for ArcGIS Server

This popular request has been under consideration for some time now, and we have big plans in the area of containerization and providing an option to run ArcGIS Enterprise under Kubernetes. This is a big development effort so be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the future!


Lastly, these are some great ideas that we’re going to be putting under consideration.


  1. Prevent Portal users from creating apps

This request is seeking for further granularity with roles and privileges in the Enterprise portal and would like to restrict the type of content that certain users can make. This is a good idea and we encourage you to keep commenting if this is necessary for your organization.


  1. ArcGIS Enterprise Website Maintenance Mode

At 10.7, an “Under Maintenance” property can be applied to individual machines within a multi-machine ArcGIS Server site. This is useful when maintenance needs to be done on machines in a site, without taking the site down. In addition, a while back ArcGIS Server introduced a read-only mode that prevents changes from happening site-wide, while still providing service availability. This Idea is asking for a read-only like capability to be implemented across ArcGIS Enterprise and is a great suggestion for a future release.


To learn more about the new functionality in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, we have some helpful blogs and documentation, so please be sure to give them a read. I want to thank everyone for their participation here at ArcGIS Ideas. We are always listening and want to continue engaging with the great ideas you send us, so keep them coming!

The March 2019 ArcGIS Online update included new functionality and some enhancements to existing functionality. Some of the new aspects were suggested and supported by users at ArcGIS Ideas. Here is a list of the ideas that were implemented in this update.


1. Allow geotagged photos to be uploaded as point features to 

2. Use Legend in List of Layers to filter 

3. Filter Layers by Attachments 

4. Symbolize Layers that Have attachments 

5. ArcGIS Online Content Search 

6. Allows Group owners to set a default type(s) of items (maps, apps, etc) that are visible to group end users. 

7. AGO: Default Extent 

8.  Near Me Widget - Duplicate Image 

9. Near Me Widget - Use My Location 


Thanks for participating in our ArcGIS Ideas community!


- Katie


ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Pro 2.3 is a huge release in all regards, not least of which in terms of how many customer requests we were able to pack in.  In the past couple of years I've tried to do a "roll-up" of the ideas that are in each release, and which have had status updates.  As I began on that journey for ArcGIS Pro 2.3 (I hope that you understand my reference to it as a journey after you watch the video), putting together another really long list just didn't feel right.  I couldn't get on board.  Might there be a better, more engaging way to show you all the cool stuff that you can look forward to?


Here's what I came up with:



I hope you like video.  But I know, you still want the list!  We all learn differently, so here's the list (with the time in the video where you can see the idea for all of you type-A's out there who just want to go straight to the idea you submitted or voted for).


Configure ArcGIS Pro Default Scene Elevation Surface (0:07)

Pro: Show Portal Content in Catalog View

Ability to overwrite previous rectified images (0:13)

Printing from ArcGIS Pro (0:20)

Building Label Classes by Symbology (0:26)

Clip to UTM zone boundary set as default (0:34)

Follow Feature during Annotation Construction (0:46)

Add Multiple Favorites to ArcGIS Pro Project at once (0:51)

Strip Map Index Features in ArcPro (1:00)

Explain what other specific tools require map view to be enabled in Online doucmentation (1:07)

ArcGIS Pro upgrade confusing messages (1:13)

Extend Recent Projects List (1:20)

Ability to edit the WFS connection in PRO (1:27)

ArcGIS Pro Pin Projects To Launch Screen (1:31)

Enable WFS Publish for ArcGIS Pro/ArcGIS Enterprise (1:43)

Make Add Outputs to Map Optional (1:48)

Improve Labeling Capability for Data Clock in ArcGIS Pro (1:54)

Columns & Margins in Polygon Text Elements (1:58)

Columned Text Editing Options in ArcGIS Pro! (duplicate, 1:58)

Manage Tile Cache with ArcPro Map as Source (2:09)

Dimensioning Feature Class Edit In ArcGIS PRO (2:25)

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Calculation Order (2:48)

Replace Sketch editing context command needed for ArcGIS Pro (3:04)

Better (ArcMap quality) layout for ModelBuilder models in ArcGIS Pro (3:10)

ArcGIS Pro Georeferencing Needs Input XY & DMS Options (3:17)

When adding a GIS server connection to Pro should default to https (3:28)

Pro: Fillet Tool is Missing (3:33)

Create Shapefiles without using Create Feature Class Tool (3:42)

Warning or Error when running a field calculation with text that is more characters than field will hold (3:47)

ArcGIS Pro: Allow panning and zooming while using the "Select by Polygon" tool (3:51)

Add Toolbox into Modelbuilder (4:01)

Report Exporting on all GIS Data- Not just Survey123 (4:16)

Heat Map Symbology Options in ArcGIS Pro (4:20)

Ctrl-Double Click to open attribute table in ArcGIS Pro (4:33)

Save Feature Classes to in_memory workspace in ArcGIS Pro Map (4:43)

Flicker command, go to XY in ArcGIS Pro (4:58)

Split irregular polygons into equal parts (5:07)

Direct access to GDAL/OGR tools from within ArcGIS script tools (5:35)

Parcel Editor Basis of Bearing anytime

Add Multiple Fields Quickly with Domains to Add Fields tool

Add "Smooth" and "Simplify" tools to the editing environment (5:42)

ArcGIS Pro Show Vertex (5:59) Hint: it's the T key now while editing.

Select by Location in ArcGIS Pro (6:07)

ArcGIS Pro - Split polygons using existing line features (6:20)

Streaming mode in ArcGIS Pro (6:37)

Preview Attribute Table in Pro

ArcGIS Pro needs legend patch shape options like ArcMap (6:54)

3D data interpolation (7:01)

Add Clip-To-Shape option to map frame in ArcGIS Pro (7:06)

Open ArcGIS Pro without having to Save (7:29)

Add Direction to the Measure Tool (7:41)

Make Definition Query able to be turned on/off with Check Box (7:56)

Polygon Outline Color Ramp (8:07)

ArcGIS Pro Spell check (duplicate, 8:13)

Add a spellchecker to ArcMap for text elements in the layout. (8:13)

ArcGIS Pro: "Label Class" SQL expression text box needs formatting

Enhancement: In Pro, when setting Poly Symbol Line Color to Null, set line width to 0


The following ideas have moved to In Product Plan:

Generalize Vector Data on Export Settings

Add ISO 19115-1:2014 and other modern metadata style sheets

Add Export Model to Python Script back to ArcGIS Pro

Bring production printing to ArcGIS Pro including spot colors

Export/Import Bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro

Add 'Freeze attribute column' to ArcPro

Stop the ArcGIS Pro table view jumping around when I calculate attributes

ArcGIS Pro: symbology for selected polygons

Add Attribute Transfer Tool to Pro at 2.2.1

ArcGIS Pro: "Label Class" SQL expression text box needs formatting

Improve the performance of model builder feature selection iterator

Make saving a model more user friendly

Make ArcGIS Pro GeoProcessing dialog window scroll automatically

Modelbuilder keyboard shortcuts

Add depth to ArcToolbox

Create submodel direct from the main model by selecting and saving

Bring back "Intermediate Data" Option on Modelbuilder

Geoprocessing History to Model Builder or Task


The following ideas have moved to Under Consideration:

ArcGIS Pro support for importing and exporting traverse files

Button to re-open model progression pop-up or ribbon model terminate button

Allow models to automate in ArcCatalog

Modelbuilder results/process window with XML layout

Preview python equivalent of Modelbuilder

Change "Add to Display" option in Modelbuilder to work from a tool for Feature classes and TABLES

Check License Required to Run Model

ArcGIS Pro Attribute Rules Modification

Add "Custom Overlay Grid" to the Layout options for Grids/Graticules in ArcGIS Pro


So there you have it.  Now back to work listening out for what will go into ArcGIS Pro 2.4!

The December 2018 ArcGIS Online update included new functionality and some enhancements to existing functionality. Some of the new aspects were suggested and supported by users at ArcGIS Ideas. Here is a list of the ideas that were implemented in this update.


Disable Editor Tracking info in pop-up 

Need the ability to suppress "Edited by:" data in the pop-up of a webmap 

Functional Levels in AGO 

Plan Routes 

Load barrieres in Directions widget 

Disable attachments from a feature layer view. 

Allow web maps to be hidden from collector 

Add a "Delete All Notifications" button to ArcGIS Online 



Partially Implemented:


Assign ArcPro Licenses When Creating ArcGIS Online Invitations 




If you'd like to read more about the functionality related to these ideas check out my blog:


New ArcGIS Online Functionality Supported by Customer Ideas (December 2018) 




Thanks for participating in our ArcGIS Ideas community!


- Katie


ArcGIS Online

The September 2018 ArcGIS Online update included new functionality and some enhancements to existing functionality. Some of the new aspects were suggested and supported by users at ArcGIS Ideas. Here is a list of the ideas that were implemented in this update.


Audit log for ArcGIS Online 

Create alias names for map layers and group layers in AGOL web maps 

Spatial Statistics Online (partially implemented)


Thanks for participating in our ArcGIS Ideas community!


- Katie


ArcGIS Online