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05-13-2021 01:26 PM
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As I started writing this post, I thought that it would be fun to find a quote about productivity and I ended up landing on this one from Franz Kafka:

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Kafka's writings, but it seems to me that he didn't have any experience working with GIS software (fair enough, given that he was born in 1883)!  Anyway, I'm keeping it because it made me laugh given our context here. 

For me, and I'm pretty confident for you, productivity is something more like, "I can do this now by copying this here, moving it there, opening this, changing that, and getting what I want, but it would be way better if I could just right-click > duplicate, right?!"

Or, "I can't find the command/tool that I need, why should I have to look in doc or Google it?" or even, "I actually know EXACTLY what I'm looking for, I just don't see why I should have to go up to the ribbon, click a different tab and scan through a bunch of stuff to get there."

Yep, solving gripes like these sound more like productivity improvements to me.  But then again, I wasn't born in 1883, so Kafka might call me crazy. 

Based on what we were hearing across different channels including product surveys and Technical Support, as well as from your contributions here in Esri Community, the ArcGIS Pro team determined to make 2.8 a release focused on performance and productivity improvements, with fewer new capabilities than we might expect in a typical release.

On the performance side of the house, the What's New in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 video does a great job showcasing a handful of notable gains (starting at 2:04) - and there are many more that may benefit you depending on your specific ArcGIS Pro projects and workflows. 

Many of the productivity improvements are a direct result of the user community's participation in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.  In this video, I've bundled up some quick demos of how your ideas were implemented:


Below is each idea that you can look forward to when you upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 2.8. 

Most requested:

Scrolling the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro & See Fields while Scrolling Through Attribute Table in ArcPro (6:32)

ArcGIS Pro: symbology for selected polygons (6:21)

Stop having ArcGIS Pro automatically sort attribute domains when editing (5:33)

Analysis and geoprocessing:

Reclassify Rasters in ArcGIS Pro (4:43)

Allow "Convert LAS" to work with LAZ files without a projection (4:05)

Copy as Python Snippet without running tool (3:58)

ArcGIS Pro 2.5: An option to keep the link between the “weighted overlay” tool and its outputs as th...

Data Management:

ArcGIS Pro 2.5: Pro fails to move a column in attribute table beyond the fields visible in the attri... (6:12)

Remove 'Click to add new row' from feature class attribute table (6:00)

Find and replace with nothing in Pro attribute table (5:51)

Project Home button in Pro export GUI (5:24)

Showing the name of the hard drive on the catalog to avoid confusion, (4:25)

Enable the selection of Network Location to Add Folder Connection (4:20)

Add "Recent Places/Quick Access" option in ArcGIS Pro (4:15)

ArcPro Catalog Favorites Functionality (2:40)

ArcGIS Pro Portal My groups categorisation (2:31)

Preview in ArcGIS Pro Catalog View should always display feature class geometry. (2:21)

Display full path for data in ArcGIS Pro (2:15)

During Create Feature Class, Allow 'Click any field above to see its properties'. (2:02)

Import fields not recognizing shapefiles (1:58)

Request error message: Spatial References Do Not Match - when copy/paste FCs to a FDS with a differe... (1:47)

Delete and Remove button are soo close (1:31)

Radial Bearing as Default Option In Traverse Window in ArcGIS PRO (1:09)

COGO Traverse Tool Adjustment Residuals (0:58)

ArcGIS Pro Adjust Traverse (0:55)

Parcel Editor: Update Plan Fields When Appending New Parcels (0:43)

Better Support for Point and Connection Line Subtypes (0:23)

Show Status Bar for Post in ArcGIS Pro

Make ArcPro show correct percentage done when compacting file geodatabases

Ability to Sort/Manually Reorder Favorites in Catalog Pane

Auto adjust attribute table column width to fit the contents

Mapping and Visualization:

Pro: Ctrl+Click/drag to duplicate text/object (5:09)

Align text and graphic elements in layout to last item selected (5:04)

"Copy Map to Clipboard" in ArcGIS Pro? (4:56)

Add search to ArcGIS Pro ribbon (3:50)

ArcGIS Pro: Enable "Add all values" to use format settings from "All Other Values" like ArcMap does. (3:36)

ArcGIS pro: Moving Headings in Legends (3:22)

Creating ADA Compliant PDF Documents (3:06)

Duplicate label class (2:57)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Feature Rectangle in ArcGIS Pro (2:48)

Allow layer files to be elevation sources (1:36)

Arcade function to convert direction in DMS to Decimal degrees (1:17)

Consider supporting voxels at the 3D Analyst License Level

Thank you for sharing your ideas about how to make ArcGIS Pro work better for you.  And a special thank you to the following community members who had ideas implemented this release.  We appreciate and value everyone's contributions!

BlairDeaver3, BrianGreening, BrianRobeson, ChrisMathers1, ChristaVinnemann, ChristopherBowering, CTCadmin, DanielleKulas, DavidWheelock2, DuncanHornby, Geographic_Mythos, GregBazhaw, GregDavis, IreneHwang, JamalNUMAN, James_Whitacre, jcarlson, JeromeHaaland, JonHamalainen, KarlTian, KevinMayall, KJCarpenter, Klaus_Bonnelycke_Vestergaard, LucasBeauchamp, LuciaBarbato1, MarcelSt-Germain, MarkVolz, mhoffman6, MichaelSmith1, MicheleHosking1, PalomaSanchez, RobbynAbbitt, SeanLyons, SeanSweeney, ShelbyZelonisRoberson, SimonKettle, StagiaireCarto, SterlingLoetz5, VladimirZenkl, WilliamPollock, WilliamWright2

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