Enable the selection of Network Location to Add Folder Connection

08-23-2018 02:16 AM
Status: Open
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In Windows explorer you can Map a Network Drive (e.g. GIS Info (\\myserver\ggspatial\Folder) (Z:)) and also add a Network Location to Windows Explorer (a link direct to a folder in a network drive).

However, in ArcGIS Pro when I try to add a new folder connection to my project I cannot view my network locations (i.e. locations on the drive that are available with a folder icon in Windows Explorer)

Can ESRI add the functionality to ArcGIS Pro to recognise Network Folder Locations set up in Windows Explorer when adding a new folder connection to a project?


Thanks for asking Simon, we have the same question!  Very frustrating.  

I've found a way to do this. From the Add Folder Connection screen, in the Name entry box at the bottom, type in the drive letter with backslash and a dot like this: 


It would be easier to have a real means to do this though!