Show Status Bar for Post in ArcGIS Pro

09-24-2020 06:02 AM
Status: Implemented
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As I am sure many of you doing edit workflows in Pro are aware by this time, you get a status window when you Reconcile back.

For whatever reason, there is no window for this when you Post. Leaving you with only three ways I know of something is still happening in the system.

  1.  Look for the spinning wheel. If you look down at the bottom right of the screen for pausing or refreshing the map, you can see that the wheel is turning during longer Post-backs.
  2.  Once a Post-back has gone through, the Map will flicker. 
  3.  Be an admin in your respective RDBMS environments, and look for long running transactions. This works for me just watching for Active Expensive Queries in SSMS, but there are likely similar methods for Oracle and PostGRES that I do not know.

Please show a status Pop-up like you do for Reconcile.

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Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.

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