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Reclassify Rasters in ArcGIS Pro

04-11-2018 11:46 AM
Status: Implemented
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The Reclassify Tool in ArcGIS Pro is limited compared to ArcMap.  

First, there is only one automatic method (Equal Interval).   You can get a couple other techniques using the "Slice" tool.

Secondly, you don't see the histogram of the raster data.  This is powerful information!

The two best courses of action right now are:

1) Use ArcMap for this process (you get to see the histogram to make an informed decision)

2) Follow the below procedure provided by the Dev team:

  1. Add your image to the map
  2. Symbolize it with your desired classification method
  3. Open the reclassify tool
  4. Add image to tool and it will take the values from the renderer

Please improve the tool to function more like the one in ArcMap.


This is still an issue - has there been any work to fix this bug?    


In ArcGIS Pro, the best practice to reclassify raster with Spatial Analyst is to start a reclassification workflow with the Symbology pane. We improved the Reclassify tool in ArcGIS Pro so it brings in the class breaks you set in the layer’s symbology for reclassification. For those of you who prefer the old ArcMap workflow, we are planning to add an option on the Reclassify tool dialog to bring up the Symbology pane directly in the upcoming release. 

Check this blog article to learn more on reclassifying raster data in ArcGIS Pro Spatial Analyst Extension. 


Status changed to: In Product Plan
Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.

See Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 and (4:43) in the video.