Web AppBuilder - The custom widgets list (4/5/2018)

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Web AppBuilder - A list of the custom widgets

last update: 3/26/2018 



This blog contains the list and links to the custom widgets.

For latest news, etc (priamary site) :  Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Resource List (updated 5/13/2018) 

Looking for customizing tips?  Web Appbuilder: Tips and tricks for creating, modifying and using custom widgets (2/22/2017) 


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Custom widgets and coding tweaks -

 Note:  I list all custom widgets that I see posted. Being on the list does not mean I have tried them.

I tried to sort by function/use, but recommend looking thru full list.

User interface and experience

Services and layers:




Measuring drawing, editing:


Search, Identify, Query, popups, charts, etc.




Display, output and printing:



Other discussions and widgets will be added as time allows.  Thanks to all that provide the widgets and coding tips.


Please remember, custom widgets are created and provided by the generosity of the

other users in the community, like you. Most have real jobs too. So, be patient and

appreciative for the tools and advice they provide.