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What's the proper configuration for proxy.config and config.json for a self-hosted Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Web Application?

Question asked by admahrou on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by erosetti_Mobi

I can't find a solid document on this, and Esri support was just trying to fill in the gaps....


I have an application that I configured through our web appbuilder for arcgis on our organization site. I have since downloaded the code and pasted the requisite json from the web app into the config.json on my web server at https://mywebserver/webapp


my proxy is located here: https://mywebserver/DotNet/proxy.ashx

I have registered the application and have a clientid, and secret on agol.


clientid: clientid123

appsecret: appsecret123


I can successfully browse to the application at https://mywebserver/webapp without the proxy and get prompted to enter my agol creds and it works. I just would like to remove the agol popup and enforce my own iis security. To do this I need a proper configuration in my proxy and in my json.config. Can someone use the variables that I quoted above and tell me what my <ProxyConfig> tags in my proxy.config file, and what my "httpProxy" section should look like in my config.json?


I think that's all I need. ;-)