Composite Coordinate Map Pinner

Blog Post created by bpelchat on Jan 12, 2018

This Coordinate widget is based on a widget we created previously in the flex environment.

This widgets primary function is to let you create map pins when you click on the map, and perform commonly used conversions presented in the panel widget and in the popup. The coordinate information is formatted for display and for emailing from either the panel or directly from the popup.

Link to preview site

Composite Coordinate Preview Site




When you click on the map, the coordinate of that location, as shown above  in decimal degrees, will be converted to all the formats shown in the text area, and at the same time, with the "AutoPin" checkbox checked, a map pin will be placed on the map.

There are also five control buttons. The first will place a map pin on the map at the location entered or clicked on the map, you would likely use it with AutoPin off.

The second button will remove all the map pins previously placed on the map.

The third button will delete a single map pin that has been selected on the map.

The fourth button creates a poly lines graphics layer with bearing  and distance values displayed in a popup as shown above.

The fifth button will open for email, the contents of the text area.

The same email button also appears on the popup along with the same coordinate data to open for emailing.


You can also enter additional information in the text area to include with the coordinate information, you need to enter it below the coordinate information.


There is a second tab with the symbology picker.When you select a new symbol any subsequent map pin will use that chosen symbol.




Here are some other possible enhancement thoughts which may be in future versions.

  • Operational or Graphics Layer option (currently using Graphics Layer)
  • Ability to Remove Operational Layer when map pins are cleared
  • Linear Distance Across 1 to N Map Pins, as entered sequentially
  • Area of Polygon defined by 3 or More Map Pins
  • Bearing and distance between 1 to N Map Pins, to and from pins with bearing labels along attached vector lines
  • Additional controls to define or limit conversion types


There is no configuration required to use this widget, or services.



Version 1.8

  • Bug fix for popup, coordinates shown in popup should be the same as reflected in the widget panel


Version 1.7

  • has modifications that added a new function and button to create poly lines with distance and bearing information.
  • Bug fix for internet explorer, some versions of IE do not support Math.trunc