Javascript API - Advanced Draw widget

Blog Post created by timw1984 Champion on Jul 22, 2014

If you are creating a Javascript mapping application, it is always good to include a draw tool which enables the user to interact with the map.


This is why I created an advanced draw tool, which you can easily include in your application. I combined code from Drawing tools | ArcGIS API for JavaScript and Display context menu | ArcGIS API for JavaScript, while adding my own spin to it!


You can check it out Advanced Draw  and I have also attached the code to this blog post!


You can also see a version live in this great application.


Please let me know what you think and I am also looking for ideas about what could be added to the tool!


Link to older versions: Dropbox - AdvancedDraw


Latest update 12/01/2014:



- Updated to 3.13 API

- Fixed a bug in IE



- Updated to 3.12 API



- Fixed a bug when pressing more than one button without drawing/text


- Tim