Welcome to Esri's Technical Support blog!

Blog Post created by GLehner-esristaff Employee on Oct 3, 2017

Hello there, and welcome! We've been preparing for this day, and we are almost ready! But before we move all the way in, I would like to introduce you to the new home of the Esri Support Services Blog.

Previously, our blog and several other Esri blogs would post their updates to the domain. Now we are moving here to the Esri Community (GeoNet) website, a move that is great for everyone. In the Technical Support group, we'll have more opportunities to engage with you and help further your GIS goals with the ArcGIS Platform. As blog readers, not only will you gain access to a plethora of forum discussion topics, ideas, and community groups involving Esri, GIS, and The Science of Where, but you will be able to participate in all of this content in a single place.

If you are not familiar with our previous blog, then all you have to do is prepare yourself for some new content from the Esri Support team! However, if you were a regular reader, you may want to know what this move means - i.e. accessing previous blog posts, RSS feeds, and the like. The following thread goes into more detail, but here are some highlights:

  • The "official" move date period is early to mid-October 2017.
  • The home page URL for the new site is
  • All links to blogs from our old website will automatically redirect to their new URLs on GeoNet. No need to update your bookmarks or edit your posts - we got you covered.
  • Some blogs were not migrated (e.g., Happy Halloween 2009). If a blog was not migrated, you will be redirected to the Technical Support home page.
  • You do *not* need an account to access this blog, but you will need an account in order to post comments, like posts, etc.

As administrators, we have thoroughly enjoyed developing and growing our blog site over the years, and we hope you will join us on our next voyage within this community.

-Greg and Megan