GeoNet Updates: URL change, Blog Migration and Global Navigation

Blog Post created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Sep 19, 2017

Hi GeoNet Community Members – Over the next few weeks we will be making updates to the GeoNet Community URL and migrating five blogs into GeoNet. We would like to share with you information about these changes, and update you on recent changes to the global navigation. 


Global Navigation


On August 14, the new global navigation was launched featuring a new header and footer navigation. These changes impacted the GeoNet experience and we’ve been collecting and reviewing your feedback. We are working with the team to address your feedback and make enhancements as needed.


Introducing a new GeoNet URL


On Sept 27, we will be transitioning from the current URL “” to a new URL “” We’ve included a brief FAQ to address questions and concerns. If you have any other questions, please share them in the comments below.  




With the new URL, are we removing the name GeoNet from the community?

No. GeoNet will remain as the branded name of our community. After the URL transition, as we always have, we will continue to refer to our online community as “GeoNet, the Esri Community.”


 Will the previous URL still work?

Yes, the URL will continue to work indefinitely but will redirect to the new URL. The redirect and new URL will also work for all sub-level groups and spaces within GeoNet.


Will previous content published with the URL still be accessible?

Yes, all previous content will be accessible after the URL transition. All content will be redirected to the new URL including all group and space URLs.


Why are we changing the URL?

Esri users are often referred to as “the Esri Community” and we want to align and reflect this association with new URL structure. This is especially important as we continue to grow the community and reach out to future GeoNet Community members who are not familiar with the name “GeoNet” but are familiar with the Esri Community.


When are we making this URL change?

The URL will be changed on the evening of September 27. After the change, we will conduct additional testing to identify any additional issues and make the necessary updates.


Is there anything I need to do with my GeoNet content to prepare?

No. GeoNet members and content creators do not need to take any action before this URL change. We will update the community after the transition, as needed.



Moving blogs to GeoNet


 Earlier this year we prepared to move the following five blogs from to GeoNet: Training, Support, Education, Holistic Testing Lab, Application Prototype Lab. In October, we will complete the move and transfer past blog content into GeoNet. Then the five blogs will stop publishing on and will then continue publishing on GeoNet in their respective groups. We’ve included a brief FAQ below. If you have any other questions, please share them in the comments. 



Why are we moving the blogs? 

  • We are moving the five blogs to simplify and unify the Esri blog content experience by publishing in one location.
  • Having the blogs as content on was limiting the impact of the blog content. By moving the blogs we’re aiming to increase the awareness of the blogs and enhance the user experience by integrating the blog content into the relevant conversations, news feeds and collaboration within the GeoNet Community.


Where will the five blogs be located on GeoNet?

The blogs will be moved into these respective groups within GeoNet:


What will happen to the previous blog home pages and content?

  • The links on the previous blog home page will be redirected to a new page in each respective group.
  • As part of the blog migration strategy, we have asked the Esri blog authors to select their most viewed blog posts and we will move only those blog posts to GeoNet. All the other remaining blog content that is not moved will be redirected to the new page within each GeoNet group.
  • After the move, users will be able to find new blog content in the respective groups.
  • Also, as part of the blog move preparation, most of the five blogs have already begun to publish in GeoNet and you can find that content in the GeoNet group links above.


 When will the blog migration occur?

After the GeoNet URL change is complete on September 27, we will move forward with completing the blog migration in October.


Will the ArcGIS Blog and the Esri Blog be moved to GeoNet too?

No, only the five blogs will be migrated.  The ArcGIS blog and the Esri blog will not be migrated into GeoNet and will remain on