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URIError: URI malformed at decodeURIComponent () at _setSurveyRow (/home/ec2-user/libs/survey123-formConverter/dist/modules/json2xls.js:1:11234) at r.questions.forEach (/home/ec2-user/libs/survey123-formConverter/dist/modules/json2xls.js:1:3547) at Array.forEach () at Promise.resolve.then.then.then.then.e… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
As a student, I am using a 10.7.1 version of ArcGIS student (Eva) copy. For some time now, I have had to deauthorize /authorize my software. But I need to do it again since my laptop is just not working yet. Am afraid I may exceed this number of times I can do this. Any idea how I can check this?   Thanks in advance/
in Esri Technical Support
Hello,   I am looking for a way to auto populate form drop down answers.  We are using Survey123 for a work order application and new jobs are being added daily.  My current workflow is to get the job list sent to me, then batch edit the populated answers.      I am looking for a way to have Survey123 reach out to a shared excel sheet or SQL… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Hi community,  How are you? We have moved our ArcGIS Server from a Hyper-V host to a VMWare host doing a V2V copy and after powering on the Server on the new VMWare ESX Host and opening ArcGIS License Server Administrator the license was broken.  We have kept the same MAC Address for the VM (we can do that in ESX) but it still did not work. The… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Hello! I am currently trying to resolve an issue of ArcMAP (10.7.1) not running properly.   I applied this fix: Go to C:\program files (x86)\arcgis\desktop10.7\bin\configuration Rename folder CATID to CATID_old Restart arcmap…. All should run properly.   Which allowed the program to open, however it will crash when trying to do anything. This has… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Hi I recently upgradedarcmap from 10.6 to 10.7. 10.6 worked fine. But 10.7 crashes on startup. ArcCatalog works, but much slower than in 10.6. These are the things I've tried so far: 1. Resetting profile 2. Uninstall/reinstall python 3. switching display drivers 4. changing default printer 5. uninstall/re-install 10.7 6. uninstall 10.7… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Is it possible to update dynamic text when changing the layer?
in Esri Technical Support
Hello, I am running a dinosaur version of arcmap 9.2. At one point the Distributing Geodatabase tool bar and xml workspace were working and now they are grayed out. Is there an old patch or fix. I think I only have up to Service pack 3 downloaded.  Thank you, From the land before time
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