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I am trying to load datasets into ArcGIS Online.  I am new to the program and currently have a student account.   When I upload the scene layer package (and also another layer package), I do not get the option to publish       I am the only user on the account and I believe I have all the permissions setup.  I am sure I am missing something… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
 I want to import a tile to an existing service. In order to do so I create a cache from the tile (which is in a tiff format) in identical scales to the scales in the service. Afterwards I use the Import map server cache tool In order to update the service. Here you can see the error and the inputs from the result window .I tried executing the… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
I'm learning Python through ESRI Press' "Python Scripting in ArcGIS" and working on Chapter 5 in the downloadable exercise manual. I'm having trouble with the Spatial Referencing for a .prj file in that chapter on page 96.   I'm running the code in the tutorial that they stated to put in: >>> prjFile = "E:\ESRI Press\Python… (Show more)
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Hi all, I'm having an issue with ArcMap 10.6 Basic not being able to zoom in/out once I pan from where the map originally loads. The scale list in the toolbar will update but the map will not refresh even if I press F5 or push the refresh button. The map will load up if and only if I pan again (sometimes a couple times).    This started… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
New to this, so if this particular question is somewhere else, I apologize (I have looked though).   When attempting to create the Photos to Points, I am able to do what is necessary to get the HTMP Popup to work showing both the photo with the information based on the attributes. However, this seems to only work when I let the Output Feature… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
I have made a 3D elevation surface in ArcScene. See attached 3D Arcscene.JPG. The extrusion that makes it look like a cut-out landscape was achieved by extruding a polygon which represents same extent of the elevation layer. I didn't have any issues with this. I tried replicating same thing in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 but it doesn't seem to work. The… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
I'm very much a newbie here, but I'm trying to import county GIS data. The attached image shows the file names and sizes in the zip file. As I only have ArcGIS for Personal Use, I realize I don't have all the capabilities that a corporate user would have, but importing and manipulating these data is why I bought the program. Is there a way I can… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
I cannot get out of this menu. I have tried entering a class name to no avail, and quitting and restarting, which also did nothing.  I got here from right clicking, but when I try and do that again it only asks if I want to turn all classes off or on. I have just been trying to move labels so they aren't in a fixed position, and have not been… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
I have asked this question on several email lists and cannot get anyone to try my exact steps. So, I will simplify and ask here.   Minimum number of steps to recreate the issue: 1. Open a blank session of ArcMap (not an existing MXD). I am using ArcMap 10.6. 2. Add the ESRI World Imagery basemap. 3. Using the Go To XY tool on the Tools… (Show more)
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