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Please, help! I can't add filter during creating a Web App at  ArcGIS Online, because not available the layers from the drop-down list. Thank you.
in Esri Technical Support
Hi, I'm having a bit of a problem as I'm trying to generate a random sample of points in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2., and it keeps returning far too many!   You can see in the screenshot that my inputs are requesting 40,000 points and it's returning 812444. The warning was "WARNING 000983: The specified number of points could not be created in all cases… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Is there any way I can format Survey123 feature reports to list out answers to select multiple questions? Here's what I found online about this type of conditional formatting:    ${select_multiple|appearance:"bullets"}   When I upload my template with this format and try to generate a report, it fails. I added my field name after the… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
On windows 10. I am receiving an error when trying to open a .mxd:   Opening the selected ArcMap document failed. An unexpected error occurred while loading the map document. The data frames of the map document could not be read due to the following 0x80004005 (Unspecified error) The last successfully loaded component was: Unknown ProgID… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Using the field calculator, is there a formula that will simulate the "fill series" function in Excel for a column in feature class attribute table? I need sequential numbers in a field, starting with record/row #1 through the last record in the attribute table.   When I have need of this before, I simply used the following in the field… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
When I go to "Format all symbols" the "Layers" and "Structure" options under "Properties" are missing?
in Esri Technical Support
We would like to know if our main federated hosting ArcGIS Server (that is installed behind our firewall) can/should have a web adapter installed on it or if it should be in the DMZ?  We only need to access our REST endpoints of our hosting server from inside our network, so installing the web adapter for that server in the DMZ seems unnecessary.… (Show more)
This may seem like a simple question, but I'm having problems. According to the "Fundamentals of date fields" in ArcGIS 10.3.1, " a shapefile stores dates in a date field with this format: yyyy-mm-dd". However, when I put 2017-03-07 into my field, formatted as a date field, in Field Calculator, what comes out is 29/06/1905! If I just enter that… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
I have been a strident critic of ESRI's software for some time, as examination of my posts will show.    In the past, I have used a MacBook Pro, running Windows10 under Parallels, and assigned 8G amd two cores to the VM. The performance was just awful, and the response of many was: "..need more resources...32G RAM minimum, prefer 64G:, "Parallels… (Show more)
in Esri Technical Support
Recently discovered an issue in exporting .pdf maps and wondered if anyone has seen this before or has a possible solution. Field crew reported a shift between two maps with the same data on them that were produced by myself and a contractor. The relative locations are all the same (maps look identical) but when using avenza the contractors map is… (Show more)
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