Where did the ArcSDE Post Installation Wizard go at 10.1?

03-27-2012 03:25 AM
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You may have already noticed some of the changes at 10.0 with the upgrade process for ArcSDE geodatabase no longer using the Post Installation wizard. This was discussed in an earlier blog written on "The Evolution of the ArcSDE Geodatabase Upgrade Process at 10.0". The ArcSDE Post Installation Wizard has made its grand exit and is no longer installed as part of ArcSDE at 10.1. Let’s take a look at the Post Installation steps and compare with the new geoprocessing tools that were created at 10.1 to perform similar tasks.

Post Installation Wizard Steps (Pre 10.1)

  • Define SDE User Environment/Define Database and SDE DBA User
  • Repository Setup
  • Authorize ArcSDE
  • Create ArcSDE Service

New Geoprocessing tools within Geodatabase Administration Toolbox at 10.1

image004.gifThe following geoprocessing tools are within the Data Management Tools > Geodatabase Administration toolbox at 10.1:Create Enterprise Geodatabase – Create a database and geodatabase administrator in PostgreSQL or SQL Server and enable enterprise geodatabase functionality in it, or create a tablespace and geodatabase administrator in an existing Oracle database and enable enterprise geodatabase functionality in it. This tool also authorizes the software.image0061.jpgEnable Enterprise Geodatabase – Enable geodatabase functionality in an existing DB2, Informix, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server database. This tool also authorizes the software.image0082.jpg

Application Server Services

With the Post Installation Wizard no longer part of the ArcSDE install at 10.1, this also means that there is no wizard to create ArcSDE services. The ArcSDE install includes the application server along with command line tools.  If there is a need for an application server service at the 10.1 release, one can be manually created and registered (depending on DBMS) using the ArcSDE administration commands. See the ArcSDE Administration commands to reference the sdeservice commands.image0101.jpgMelissa J. - Geodata Support Analyst