Esri Startup Program Orientation: Acceptance & Onboarding

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Esri Startup Program Orientation:

Acceptance & Onboarding


Congratulations! If you’re reading this it means you’ve been accepted into the Esri Startup Program, it's time to get started!


You will have received your official Welcome Email as well as your Software and Partner activation e-mails. Please save these e-mails. Within this series we cover the following essential ‘getting started’ steps to access your software and to ensure success.

This process can take a few hours, PLEASE take the time to follow these steps carefully. 

Trust us, this will save headaches down the road!


Need Help? Contact Us

If you have any questions on the following please reach out to:


Note, we have a variety of international Esri Distributor Startup Program representatives who will support you in your local region. We will provide you introductions to these supporting staff if you’re not already in contact with them.



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