Esri Startup Program Orientation: Platform Alignment

11-11-2015 10:03 AM
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This blog follows Patterns for Success in the Orientation Series

Esri Startup Program ArcGIS Platform Technical Alignment

(How to Best Partner with Esri)

Platform alliance is a topic that includes a set of core business objectives that keep Esri teams, partner teams, and customers all moving in the same direction, together.  It’s a major focus area within Esri’s Partner Network because it casts a vision about our company’s product road map with our business / licensing strategies so that business partners know the direction Esri is heading. It's key for Esri and Esri Partners to be aligned and work together to keep commitments that we are making to our customers. Plus the following characteristics are where real business value is delivered to the markets. 

ArcGIS Platform Alignment Characteristics

The first two are critical to be an 'aligned partner' and will help our partners maximize channel development with Esri. 

These are additional characteristics that are important to Esri as well:

  • Connect the ArcGIS Platform with other systems, platforms & data sources. This means going beyond surfacing maps and layers in these systems.  It’s just as important to invent new tools that bring data back into ArcGIS.
  • Create and register an array of useful information products (using web maps) easily discovered in the Portal.
  • Enable every employee and contractor to easily discover, use, make, and share maps from any device, anywhere, any time
  • Ensure customer success by providing ongoing, routine assistance starting with initial operating capabilities, guidance and advice, and ongoing technical support.
  • Our core sales teams deliver immediate value to the customer by first configuring the ArcGIS platform, and then when appropriate they work with aligned 'go-to partners' to extend the core offerings through customized apps and solutions. One of the keys to success for partnering with Esri is having champions inside an industry sector / vertical. Once alignment is achieved, typically a wide array of marketing activities happen. It's all about finding that win/win/win alignment for the customer, the partner, & Esri.

With these characteristics in place, the goal is to always stay deeply committed to customers and drive innovation in ways that will bring customers positive experiences and returns on their technology investments – both partner products and core Esri products.  In sharing these objectives, we invite the entire partner network and developer community to always build solutions in line with these characteristics and objectives and stay committed to customers by helping them be successful.

Below is a diagram that communicates the primary patterns of how GIS can impact and help organizations with their business needs. We recommend that each partner examine each item to see how these patterns can help drive value in your market. For example, some solutions might fit all six of these patterns, but some might only fit one or two. Partners that thrive inside the Esri ecosystem, use these terms to communicate their business value, as well as an effective technique of speaking to the listening of Esri staff and Esri customers. Learn more about Esri's ArcGIS Patterns:



Learn more about Esri's ArcGIS Patterns:

To make sure that Esri partners have the best solution architecture in place to support partner alignment, product/market fit, and best solution architecture patterns, we recommend speaking to an Esri solution engineer or professional services resource.

Always stay up to date on the latest Esri ArcGIS Platform information here: & ArcGIS for Developers.


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