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Map Viewer Beta update for November 2020.


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Esri Contributor

With the recent update to the Map Viewer Beta, there is no end to the number of exciting new features to explore. Layer groups, layer blending, & cluster labeling are all highlights of the latest release, but the Map Viewer Beta also includes a number of lesser known features not available in the Classic Viewer.  This blog post will highlight just a few of these unsung features that have been added over the past year.


Reverse Geocode

Map Viewer Beta introduces the capability  to right click on the map and determine the address & coordinates for that location.  Simply right click on the map, click on ‘What’s Here?’ and a pop-up will display the information.


A related enhancement is the addition of the location tool to the viewer. In Map Viewer Classic, location was grouped with the Measure tool and provided Latitude and Longitude when panning over, or clicking on, the map. In Map Viewer Beta, it is a standalone tool that allows you to view and convert coordinates in a number of different formats at once. It includes support for the highly requested MGRS and USNG coordinate systems, as well those of the current basemap. The viewer will also remember what coordinates were used last time, so you don't have to reset them each time you open a map. The location tool can be accessed from the right panel in the viewer.

Field Statistics

When working with fields in Map Viewer Beta, either directly within the attribute table, or when adding/replacing a field for styling, pop-ups, filtering or labeling, you are now able to to quickly view information about that field before deciding to use it.

In this example, I have a large point layer of geographic names in Canada that I want to filter down a bit to display. After clicking Filter > Add Expression, and replacing the default field, I can click on the information button by the ‘Category’ attribute and quickly determine that it is a string field with 350,715 records (and no empty records). You can also see a count for the Top 10 values in that field. In this example ‘Water Feature’ is the most common category, so I might decide to exclude all the water features from my map if they are not relevant.

In this second example, I have census tracts of Halifax that I want to symbolize. When adding or replacing a field to style, you have access to the same information about all of the fields. This time, you can see that the 'CT Population 2016' field is a Small Integer field and also access some basic statistics about the field. 

Print Layouts & File Formats

Map Viewer Beta also provides some new printing options through the JSAPI 4x Print Widget. By default, you are now able to choose from a variety of different layout options or adjust the size of your output manually. In addition, there are now multiple output formats to choose from. Printing will also honor map rotation in the Map Viewer Beta, allowing you to print your map in exactly the format you need.

Open Existing Maps

Map Viewer Beta allows you to quickly access and open all of your existing web maps without leaving the App! By clicking on 'Open existing map', you can access webmaps from your own content, organization, and all of ArcGIS Online. 

Dock Pop-ups

Map Viewer Beta introduces the ability to dock pop-ups out of the way and will remember your preference the next time you open a map. 

Collapse Panels

Finally, Map Viewer Beta also allows you to easily collapse the side panels, providing a full screen viewing effect. Simply click on the 'Collapse' button at the very bottom of both the right and left toolbars. Your preference will be remembered the next time you open a map. 

These are just a few of the many improvements you'll find in Map Viewer Beta. As you explore, be sure to check out our space on GeoNet to provide feedback and find more information. 

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Esri Contributor

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 is available today and with it comes the option to install Map Viewer Beta!

More details can be found in the Map Viewer Beta in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 blog post, including:

  • Key features of Map Viewer Beta
  • How to install and use Map Viewer Beta in ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Where to provide feedback (here on GeoNet!)
  • Where to learn more

The current version of Map Viewer Beta available with ArcGIS Enterprise is equivalent to the October 2020 update in ArcGIS Online.

Attached to this post are additional resources:

  • A PDF copy of the blog with expanded URLs 
  • Complete documentation on Map Viewer Beta in your preferred language

We look forward to your feedback on using Map Viewer Beta in ArcGIS Enterprise!

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Esri Contributor

Map Viewer Beta was updated with some highly requested features. Get the overview in this blog article or go directly to the article covering the new feature that interests you.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

You may have noticed that Map Viewer Beta was updated earlier this week. Here is a quick overview of the new and improved functionality that you can now access.

Support for Authoring Maps in all Coordinate Systems  

Map Viewer Beta now supports the ability to author maps using basemaps in different coordinate systems. With the initial releases of Map Viewer Beta, the web map coordinate system was determined by the default basemap, which is typically Web Mercator. With the most recent update, you can now search for layers in all coordinate systems and add tile layers as a basemap, which updates the coordinate system of the web map. Read this article written by John Nelson about this new capability and some great examples of non-Web Mercator coordinate systems.

Ability to auto-size symbology based on scale

Map Viewer Beta now has the capability to adjust the point sizes and line widths of your features based on the scale of the map. With interactive mapping, designing a map that looks great at both large and small scales can be challenging as more detail and larger sizes are needed as you zoom in. Now, you can select the option to adjust the size automatically when authoring your map. Check out this article written by Kristian Ekenes for examples and details about configuring this new setting.

Now one size doesn't need to fit all scales.

Small Scale size 3.7                                                     Large Scale size 3.7

Improvements made to labels

Some improvements have been made to the labelling capabilities in Map Viewer Beta. A new font called BellTopo is now available in beta. Check out more details about this font designed by Sarah Bell in this article. Label classes were introduced to ArcGIS Online in February 2020. To ease the management of multiple label classes, it is now possible to name the label classes so you can easily identify the class you want to modify. Line feature labelling has also improved to better follow the geometry of lines.

More Smart Mapping Styles

New smart mapping styles are available now to visualize time in your maps. Time styles reveal patterns of new and old, and showcase the age of things on the map based on date and time data. Check out this article by Lisa Berry about the time styles and how to apply them to your data in Map Viewer Beta. Explore the different styles and options for your time data and display your changes immediately in Map Viewer Beta.

We plan to make a lot more functionality available over the spring of 2020, so keep checking in to learn about the updates and let us know your feedback as you explore the latest enhancements and new features.

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Esri Regular Contributor

You may have noticed a few changes recently with Map Viewer Beta. Over the past few weeks we've made a couple updates. Here's a rundown of the new features and enhancements.

Time animation 

Map Viewer Beta can now display time animation for web maps that have time animation configured. Map Viewer Beta (And JavaScript API 4.x in general) provides a significant improvement for animating time-enabled data. Check out the example below to see the improvement.

Map Viewer Beta

Map Viewer Classic

The ability to configure time animation in Map Viewer Beta is coming soon...


The includes and excludes filter options have been enhanced to provide a search experience for finding specific values in the selected attribute. If there are less than ten unique values, the search experience is hidden and you are provided only the pick list as all the values are immediately available without having to search.


Many of you are already creating maps with multiple label classes; they are a powerful way to convey the information you want at the scale you want. The latest Map Viewer Beta update includes improvements with label positioning. Here are a couple examples.

Tighter spacing for points

Labels for point features are positioned closer to the features.



Automatic wrapping to a new line has been relaxed

Previously longer labels would wrap to a new line fairly aggressively. This has been relaxed to allow more characters to be displayed before wrapping to a new line.


This work is part of the core JavaScript API 4.x. JavaScript API version 4.15 will include these enhancements (currently planned for release in the next few weeks). While they may seem minor, these labeling improvements are important enhancements for putting together solid maps with the experience you intend for your audience.

UI / UX improvements

We're continuing to make UI / UX improvements and adjustments. I won't list them out here but if you notice and like or dislike, let us know!

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Map Viewer Beta was updated on February 7th to include a few new exciting features. 

To start off with, let's talk about labels. You can now author labels in Map Viewer Beta, just like you could in the classic map viewer but there a bunch of new capabilities available that I know many of you have been asking for. I would encourage everyone to read Jennifer Bell' blog that outlines the new functionality, displays it with some great gifs and will inspire you to start using the new labeling capabilities.

New Labels in ArcGIS Online's Map Viewer Beta: Make your maps shine 

The following ideas were implemented with this update in regards to labels:

In addition to More Fonts, Label Rotation and Label Offsets

Next, I'll outline a small but useful functionality addition. In the initial release, new capabilities to search for attributes by typing in text or sorting based on name, field type or order in table were available when selecting an attribute for smart mapping. This same experience is now available when selecting attributes for filters and labels, making it easier to find that field you are looking for among data sets with many attributes. Find your needle in the haystack!

Instead of having to set sharing privileges from web maps at the item page, you can now use the share button on the left panel to modify sharing settings of maps.

Lastly, I'd like to mention some feedback we have received and are currently iterating through designs about the layout of Map Viewer Beta. As with any change, it's always a bit hard to know where that darn button you want is. For this reason we are now defaulting to open the map viewer beta with the far right and left panels open to see the corresponding words to easily identify what tools you want to use. While opening the panels by default, we are conscious of the amount of map real estate that can be taken up with panels open on the left and right. There are collapse buttons on the bottom corner of each side which you can use to reduce the amount of space the panels use, once you are familiar with button locations.Map Viewer Beta will remember your collapse preference the next time you open your map, enabling you to either see the labels associated with the buttons or not.

We are still conscious of feedback about moving all the way from the left side of the map to select a layer, then all the way to the right side of the map to style the layer. Our design team is hard at work to optimize this so it is efficient to use, but you can also see what tools you are working with. Please keep the discussion going on Geonet, drop by the ArcGIS Online area at the upcoming Federal Conference and Developer Summit.

Thanks for everyone's participation so far and keep your eyes open for more updates coming, including support for more layer types, like Map Image Layers.

Kelly and the ArcGIS Online Team

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Did you wake up this morning and notice some new capabilities in Map Viewer Beta?


Last night’s update of Map Viewer Beta includes two exciting new capabilities (and a few bug fixes). This article provides a brief overview of the new capabilities and where to find them.


Support for Authoring Arcade Expressions in Pop-ups

You can now author Arcade expressions as part of the pop-up configuration experience. While existing Arcade expressions could be viewed in the initial beta release, you couldn’t add new expressions or tweak existing expressions.  With the latest update of the beta that wait is over, and you now have full control of Arcade when authoring pop-ups. You can easily find Arcade expression authoring functionality in the pop-up configuration pane. Read the article,  Express your data with Arcade and pop-ups in Map Viewer Beta, by Paul Barker for more information about using Arcade in Map Viewer Beta, and to see a great review of Arcade articles from the past year.


Support for Clustering

Quite often, a map will show hundreds or even thousands of points that overlap. This hides the very patterns that a map ought to reveal. In some cases, the points have different locations but overlap due to the scale of the map. In other cases, the points are literally on top of one another. For example, a database containing a single address for an apartment building with multiple units will experience stacked points. 

The clustering capability has been added to Map Viewer Beta and can help solve this issue. To find the clustering option, look at the bottom of the layer properties panel, highlighted in the image below. Check out this blog by Jennifer Bell‌ and Jim Herries‌ for more information about clustering and how to use it in Map Viewer Beta


New Table Button

One of the most frequently asked questions of this community is where is the table functionality. We are actively working to add this capability, and have added the table button to show where the menu option will be. Currently you can click on the button, but will be informed that the table functionality is coming soon as a message.

Check out the updated What's Next panel to see the features we are working on for the next few updates.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Map Viewer Beta has been available to the world for a about 42 hours. In this time we have had some great questions, enhancement requests and discussions. There were also a lot of great blogs released which provide some insight into new functionality and why it was built. Now that you've had some time to explore the Map Viewer Beta, I wanted to provide a quick list of the great blogs that are available so you can find out more from the team that built Map Viewer Beta.

Dot Density in Map Viewer Beta by Jennifer Bell

Find how to build Dot density maps with Map Viewer Beta. Find out about common topics that work well with the dot density style, best practices and how to use this style to resonate with your audience.

New Colour Ramps in Map Viewer Beta by Jennifer Bell‌ and Jim Herries

Map Viewer Beta contains over 300 color ramps. Decades of experience among numerous cartographers influenced the specification of these ramps. Find out about the variety of colour ramps, when to use them and sequential ramps. This is a great blog to learn best practices with cartography and then apply them with Map Viewer Beta.

Fast, flexible and fun: The new pop-up experience in the next generation Map Viewer Beta by Paul Barker

Pop-ups have long been a cornerstone of great web maps; they have allowed users to create maps that can be consistently experienced just about everywhere in ArcGIS. Read this blog to find out about the new content elements and how to show those attachments as images in pop ups. Get some great tips for saving time with the new pop-ups.

Understand and explore your data in Map Viewer Beta by Jennifer Bell

After adding a layer to the map, the first step is to choose an attribute to symbolize. The new filtering experience and smart attribute summaries make data discovery and map making easy and fun. Learn how to explore your data to make decisions of how you will visualize you data. Also, try out one of my very favourite enhancements, the ability to search and filter attributes, making it easier to find that attribute in a haystack. There is also a fantastic explanation and demo of the new filtering capabilities. Check it out. by Peter Klingman

This blogs walks you through the ideas that are addressed and partially addressed with the Map Viewer Beta, based on requests from this community. It highlights some large pieces of functionality, but also sheds some lights on some small but mighty adds of functionality. Being able to drag and drop bookmarks into a different order is an improvement from previous bookmark management

Lastly check out the announcement blog written by me, it provides a broad overview of everything but not the great details in the blogs above.

Thanks for the great feedback to date and start sharing those maps.


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