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12-17-2019 05:11 PM
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Interest has been expressed within the Esri community with having Esri provide a set of icons for building presentations, particularly those involving conceptual IT architectures. Esri recently released an initial set of "Esri Presentation Icons" which can be used to develop conceptual architecture diagrams to provide a unified view of GIS deployments. Attached is the initial set of icons that are being provided for customer usage.

The intended use of this icon set is to enhance PowerPoint presentations by illustrating core GIS concepts. These are not intended to be used for schematic drawings or highly detailed workflows.

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Thank you very much Jeff DeWeese‌!

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You're awesome!  Thanks jdeweese-esristaff 

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Thanks for posting these! However, I get an error when I try to open it. "PowerPoint found a problem with content in [the.potx]">I try to repair it>Says it can't read it/"the presentation cannot be opened. Your antivirus program may prevent you from opening the presentation."

I'm using Powerpoint from Office 365 ProPlus. I can't temporarily disable my antivirus. Do you know what might be causing this within the file?

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Chelsea, there are some suggestions offered on some of the MS blogs, for example: PowerPoint found a problem with content in.... - Microsoft Community. If that doesn't resolve it, please email me at and I can reach back to the team that created the file and see what else is possible. Thanks!

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Appreciate it John! Hats off to the folks that created the file. If they ever publish it on an external link I will update and provide (e.g., to ensure the latest version is being shared, etc.).

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You are most welcome Rui....Jeff

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Thanks for the link! The first suggestion on that page worked for me and I can open the file now: File>options>trust center>trust center settings>protected view>uncheck all

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These are cool, thanks! I quit drinking the PowerPoint kool-aide in favor of using story maps for my presentations....

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Thanks Jeff, this is very useful.

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This is AMAZING!!!!! 

Communicating and educating are essential to the success of any GIS. Presenting information in a clear and interesting manner is an investment and these icons are a sight for sore eyes! 

- AND - they are even captioned with what they are.... *Mind Blown*. 

Thank you for making my job easier.

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Thank you so much for this! You have no idea how much of a nightmare it is trying to emulate this using other diagrams and I'd hate to recycle other people's hard work into my own presentation; it makes me feel like a leech. Thanks again! 

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