Screenshots for Better Troubleshooting

07-08-2014 09:02 AM
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We often ask for or receive screenshots from users when they call for help. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When that picture is clear and readable, it is worth even more!

To take a screenshot of a particular error message or window, try using [Alt + PrtScn], then paste it into a Microsoft Word document. It's worth noting this method only captures the window that is active at the time, not the entire desktop area.

The screenshot below was taken using [Alt + PrtScn]. By using this method, the words are easy for the analyst to read.arceditor_notauthorized.png

This second screenshot is of the same error message taken the way most people are used to taking screenshots, using [Ctrl + PrtScn]. As you can see, the text in the screenshot using [Ctrl + PrtScn] is almost impossible to read, as it captures the entire desktop.AltPrt2a2-300x120.png

Even when the error message is isolated and blown up, it becomes a blurry blob.AltPrt3.png

Now you are on your way to better screenshots, and together we can find the resolution to your issue quickly!
Don Grogg - Senior Systems Implementation Analyst