New Support Site - Current Status

04-29-2016 04:02 PM
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The Esri Support team has launched the new Support website! This is an exciting change that enhances the capabilities of the previous website, improves the organization of Support content, and modernizes the way in which you interact with Esri Support.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be fine-tuning the search results, product content, and downloads on the new Support website. During this time, the old Support website will continue to provide access to both assisted and self-support resources, so you can still contact Support if need be.

While we have done our best to provide the best online support experience possible on the new website, we realize that questions and issues may arise over the new few weeks. We are actively working to address your concerns and fix any problems. A summary of known issues is listed below, and we will be updating this as we move forward.

General Website

  • Contact Support button in the footer opens a 404 page.
  • Contact Support info does not update based on user's location. It is always showing the USA instead of the country of origin.
  • Site navigation dropdowns do not work in the GIS Dictionary
  • The Search bar does not display on the intermediate product selection pages

Main Page

  • Hovering over the "Other Resources" drop down option doesn't always display the list.
  • The Esri Support Services - Overview page content is displaying under the product navigation block.
  • Clicking "Manage Cases" in Support Banner does not redirect to My Support in My Esri, links to My Esri Dashboard when signed in.


  • Filters do not always filter correctly.
  • Result descriptions render with placeholder text
  • Foreign language results are appearing first in Most Relevant results
  • Each result should have the repository icon and hover states for icons
  • Results from some content rrepositories are not returned in the search results page.

Product Pages

  • Content icons are all the same on the product pages.
  • Share button on download pages does not work
  • Print button on content pages does not work
  • The Search Bar is not displayed below the Support Banner on the Product Selection pages
  • Default location for "Visit Product Blog" link in Product Announcements section should be the associated product blog URL
  • GeoNet Discussions: Site renders non-breaking spaces as pure text:  
  • Downloads section should sort results by Most Recent / versions applied to
  • Misspelling in Product Announcements "Visit Support Blog" button
  • Clean up the legacy products and add new products/versions.
  • Verify that Web Help, GeoNet, System Requirements, and other links are working.

Knowledge Base

  • All of the products should be listed on the Knowledge Base - Product Selection page
  • The Search bar in the Knowledge Base section displays "Search Downloads in Support".
  • Migration Issue: The download link is not included in a number of white paper content pages


  • Duplicate content pages for the same content
  • Content pages should open at the top of the page

Product Support

  • Include the PLC version release notes below the default table and above the Multiple Version Comparison Chart accordion.
  • The Multiple Version Comparison chat should follow the pattern set on the exiting PLC table

Other Resources Page

  • The icons need to be fixed in color and type, related to the resource they represent.
  • The Search bar does not display text "Search Esri Support"

GIS Dictionary

  • Index page: The Search Bar does not display text "Search GIS Dictionary"
  • On unique pages, the first letter/symbol of the GIS Dictionary Entry Term is not highlighted in the First Letter Index
  • Loading the terms and definitions can sometimes take a few moments. Add the loading screen/animation here
  • Duplicate terms are recorded in the glossary and similar terms exist. For example "feature dataset" and "feature data set".  Also  "geo data base" and "geo database"
  • New glossary terms do not have content.  For example "ArcEditor" and "ArcGIS 3D Analyst"

Esri Support Services pages

  • Each page should have a unique URL
  • Premium Support link from Support drop down is giving error message when clicking on 'local Esri distributor.'
  • "Back to Start" navigation arrow needs to be updated.
  • Add the Features and Add-ons for Intl. Premium Support
  • Update the Multilingual graphic on the Esri Support Services - Intl Premium Support page
  • Fix section heading and text spacing on the Enterprise Test Lab add-on description

Request Case web form

  • System Profile Summary does not load on Step 3
  • Add Auto Answers to Step 2
  • When a dropdown only has one option, it should be automatically populated
  • When a product has been selected, the OS and OS version should be filtered for that product.

Start Chat

  • Update the wording on the Chat closed page and change "Pacific Standard Time" to "Pacific Time"
  • Fix the "Attach a File" functionality

Contact Support page

  • Selecting a country from the dropdown returns a 404 page.
  • United States page should have a unique URL like the other countries do.

Bug Reports

  • Webpage displays old Bug Report design