In ArcGIS 10, raster data in TIFF format may be shifted or in the wrong geographic location

08-13-2010 04:09 PM
by Anonymous User
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In ArcGIS 10, some TIFF images do not display in the correct geographic location. Two issues have been identified:

  1. Improper handling of the page resolution tags for TIFF images that do not have georeferencing information, for example, scanned TIFF images. (NIM059086, NIM058733, NIM059010, NIM059379)
  2. Improper handling of the comma separator for TIFF images with a certain projection. (NIM058922, NIM057405)

Two knowledge base articles have been written that discuss these issues in more detail. Links are provided below:


UPDATE: 08/27/10 - A software patch is now available that addresses this issue.  Esri recommends you download and install the ArcGIS 10 (Desktop, Engine, Server) Raster Format patch at your your earliest convenience.

Note: If you have loaded these TIFF images to a mosaic dataset, after installing the patch, the Synchronize Mosaic Dataset geoprocessing tool can be run to correct the extents of the footprints and raster datasets.

If you have loaded these TIFF images to a raster catalog or to a geodatabase, these images should be removed and reloaded.

We are sorry for any inconvenience these issues may be causing you.

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- Eric R., Raster Development Lead - User Advocacy Group, Esri Support Services