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05-15-2009 12:43 PM
by Anonymous User
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coming to a resolution near you

 Does the Support analyst really care what service pack information I am using?

100% absolutely! You may have wondered why the Support analyst you work with questions what operating system, service pack, relational database, etc. you are using, when all you have is a quick question and the information seems unrelated.

Well, all these specifics are important, as these details could determine that one workflow or procedure is more suited depending on your operating system and ESRI Service Pack level. Even the smallest detail could change how we help you come to a resolution.

In addition to assisting the Support analyst and coming to a resolution, this information is collected and passed back to our development teams via reporting. They are able to look at product trends, operating systems, service pack information, and virtual machine use to help drive future enhancements and operating system support.

So, don’t be surprised if we ask you questions so that we are able to fill in the Desktop, Server, and Misc. boxes, that can be seen in the image below, on your next support call!

 incident logThe image above is of the product information excerpt from the call entry form that the ESRI Support analyst uses while working on your call. This particular call entry form shows a 9.3 SP1 Desktop call that makes use of ArcIMS 9.2 SP4 with MrSID data stored in Oracle on a Virtual Machine.

 Here is a link to the Service Pack Finder utility, PatchFinder93.exe: How to identify which Service Pack is installed.  

-Kevin H., ArcGIS Server Group Lead, ESRI Support Services