What is the NET_BUILDERR Table, and What Can It Do for Me?

Blog Post created by geonetadmin on Jan 24, 2012
So you have built a Geometric Network and encountered some errors in the process. Enter the NET_BUILDERR table, a resource to help you correct any potential problems uncovered during the build.The NET_BUILDERR table is a table that is output during the creation of the geometric network. The table is generated if errors are encountered and if the geometric network is owned by the user or the schema that builds the geometric network. This table is created n the same Feature Dataset where your network resides and can be easily previewed in ArcCatalog.When previewing this table in ArcCatalog, you will be able to see the Object ID, Class ID, and Errortype for each error encountered. In ArcGIS 9.x, the ClassID field corresponds with the ClassID found in the GDB_OBJECTCLASSSES table and identifies which feature class the ObjectIDs corresponded via the Layers table ‘Layer_id’. In ArcSDE 10 using the simplified geodatabase schema, this field now refers to the ObjectID in the ‘GDB_ITEMS’ table which will also enable you to determine which feature class the error corresponds with in the same way.Same functionality, same ID, different table…
The Net_BUILDERR table is used by the Network Build Errors command in ArcMap to identify and select the features with invalid geometries for review and correction. It can also be used for manual review. Remember that this table is user managed, so it will not automatically update after an error has been corrected.
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